Writing Portfolio

Here’s this thing that you probably know about me if you’re reading this: I’m a writer. I am always, proudly, irrevocably a writer, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes this looks like writing devotions in the morning with coffee to submit to various magazines for a little extra money to go towards college textbooks; sometimes this looks like plugging away at my novel(s), trying doggedly to reach that 60,000 word mark, because for years and years my dream has been to be an author; sometimes this looks like scribbling words in a notebook that perhaps no one will ever see, even though it’s close to midnight and my handwriting is getting messier and my words, rawer. They’re words that I can’t not write down. Because I am meant to write. Sometimes I think, should I even try to explain to people what words mean to me? How they keep me up at night and won’t leave me alone unless I get out of bed and feverishly scribble them down? How much I savor them and long for them? But I know there are other people like me in the world–lovers of words–so here are mine, because I want to connect with you.

I plan to make a living through these things we call words. Keep scrolling down to see everything I’ve had published so far, and stay tuned to this page–there’s much more coming!

“What Are You Going to Do with Your Life?” TheRebelution.com

“America,” Flash Fiction Press

Monthly contributor for The Life: “Persevering through the Pain”, “Cut Out the Casual”, “Jesus is Always Better”

“Deception,” A Quiet Courage 

“How to Serve the People Around You,” Devotional Diva

My story Hope is the Thing with Feathers (click to read) was selected as a “Relevant Read” and formatted as an ebook out of thousands of entries in the Story Shares contest–thank you Story Shares!