April 2021 Monthly Wrap-Up

April was a difficult month. Medically, I had a few crises and my overall health/daily symptoms got worse, leaving me with a rollercoaster of emotions to process. This month I had four medical appointments, three infusions, and two procedures. I spent two weekends at my family’s house, went to four of Joshua’s baseball games, and had one voice lesson. I also managed to spend a fun day with Brooke, go to a coffee shop with Kenna, have a finger food night with small group, have Kenna over for lunch and an online retreat, go out with Kristen and Margarita, and go to a “Vivaldi by Candlelight” concert in Atlanta with my dad.

This month I’m…

Reading: Ace of Shades and King of Fools, Amanda Foody. The Nightmare Thief, Nicole Lesperance. Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising, Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom, and Rule of Wolves, Leigh Bardugo (all rereads except for RoW). Salt in my Soul, Mallory Smith. Beezus and Ramona, Beverly Cleary (reread). A Thousand Mornings, Mary Oliver. Leonard (My Life as a Cat), Carlie Sorosiak. 13 total.

Listening to: Waking Up Easy, Lime Cordiale. Life Keeps Moving On, Ben Rector. Roses, The Band CAMINO. You Are Gold, The National Parks. Cover Me In Sunshine, P!nk, Willow Sage Hart. Canyon, Ellie Holcomb. April in Paris, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong. Eliza, Jayna Jennings. Just Tell Me, Alexa Cappelli.

Watching: The usual YouTube suspects–like the Frey Life, Kiara Madisen, and Linda Sun. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. Doctor Strange. JOJO RABBIT. And, Shadow and Bone on Netflix (seeing one of my all-time favorite worlds come to life was an absolute DREAM and involved much squealing–more here).

Eating and/or cooking: Lemon sugar cookies. Molasses cookies. BBQ chicken zucchini nachos. Cookie dough Luna protein bars. Protein oatmeal. Strawberry yogurt. Honey nut Cheerios. Ozery Bakery cranberry orange morning rounds.

Writing: Work-wise, some things are shifting around. I’m getting back into the swing of marketing–which feels good–and taking on some new clients. I wrote 32 letters this month and received 30. I co-led a virtual DSN meetup, had some Diamonds meetings, and volunteered with People Hope. I also did Escapril (well, mostly just for the first part of the month). I ended up writing eight full pieces and drafting four more, making for 12 completed days total before life went off the rails and I didn’t finish the month. But I’m really glad I did at least part of Escapril. It reminded me that just because I don’t feel well enough to write very much (outside of work) doesn’t mean I am no longer capable of writing.

Buying: A cyclamen (houseplant). A cane. Way too many new shirts, plus some earrings. A Gerbera daisy.

Learning: How to just take the next step.

Grateful for: People (mostly my mom) who have been driving me everywhere. April in Georgia. Colorful new clothes. How good it feels to write and journal and watch movies. Friends who drop everything to call you and pray aloud for you while you cry. Winning a book in a giveaway. A surprise friendaversary gift in the mail. Feeling the sunshine on my skin. Baby bunnies. Milo the goat (#IYKYK). Laughing hysterically about stupid things at 9 PM. Everyone who has prayed for me and sent me encouraging notes. And overwhelmingly grateful God gave us music and story and art.

What did you do in April? What’s one thing you are grateful for about this past month? Any plans for May?

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