Tour of My Mug Collection!

I became obsessed with mugs around the time I moved into my apartment, and I haven’t slowed down one bit. It’s becoming a problem, actually–as I was taking the photos for this blog post, I counted up all of my mugs and discovered that I own, ahem, 46 mugs. Yes, I realize I have a bit of an issue.

Besides the occasional cup of Good Earth sweet and spicy tea, I mostly just drink ice water out of my mugs. Being only one person, you’d think I wouldn’t get through all of these mugs, but you’d be surprised: I use many different mugs each day. (Just ask my family, specifically my mother. They’ll happily complain about how I get a new glass or mug every time I come into the kitchen for a drink.) I spend way too much money on mugs and I fully realize I don’t need 46, but they make me so happy every day! So, here’s the official tour of my mug collection.

I have three sets of mugs (four mugs each) that came with the dishes I bought at Walmart when I moved into my apartment. I only have a couple of these mugs in my mug cabinet, though, because of space constraints. I use the blue mugs (along with the blue plates) for breakfast. I don’t really use the Corelle mugs, but I use the other white mugs at other times of day.

I have two Harry Potter mugs, which is so fun! One is shaped like Hedwig; Hannah got it for me at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando years ago. I don’t really use it, though, because it’s not very functional to drink out of. The other one is a Marauder’s Map mug that was a Christmas gift two years ago.

I have several mugs that I’ve picked up while traveling. Grandpa bought several mugs when we went to Alaska, and this one lived at his house for a while before I decided I wanted it and took it home. I love my Myrtle Beach mug with the sea turtle; it’s beautiful (especially on the inside) and functional (I have a thing about mug handles–they have to be just the right shape and size). I also got this adorable “Happiness Comes in Waves” mug in Myrtle Beach last fall.

I have two mugs from Chattanooga: this tiny blue mug that I got at the Mountain Memories gift shop, and this tin mug from the Southern Belle Riverboat that Brooke bought me on another trip a few years ago (I don’t really use either of these mugs because they’re so small).

I have several mugs with writing or quotes on them. I absolutely love my navy mug that says “Celebrate the small victories,” my gray mug that says “Be still and know,” my red/brown mug that says “Thankful and grateful” (which Kenna got for me), and my speckled yellow mug that says “So very blessed.” These all came from either Hobby Lobby or Target.

I also have a “Never been better” mug (from Abbie’s merch shop for her book 100 Days of Sunlight); this mug that says “Love” (it has a hole in the handle for a little spoon; Kenna gave it to me in a care package when I was sick last winter); and this mug that says “Hope” (which Andrea gave me, also when I was very sick last winter–it’s the perfect shape and size).

I’ve had these three mugs for years, before I moved out and became obsessed with mugs: A bird mug with Philippians 4:4 on the inside, a The Dog mug, and a mug with two H’s on it. I’m not sure where any of them came from. I don’t really use them that often because, well, I have more exciting mugs now.

My Liquid Spoons mug from Spoonie Sister Shop is always a fave! And although the handle is a little too small for my liking, I love this little white mug I got last year for $5 from Crate & Barrel (Hanne has this mug too). I also recently received this Diamonds Conference Staff mug as a gift for being on staff.

Brooke gave me this cactus mug a year or so ago with a plant planted in it. Predictably, I accidentally killed the plant, so… now I just drink out of the mug. The white mug with the green wreath and H came from Hobby Lobby last summer (annoyingly, the handle is on the left and the print is only on one side, so you can’t see it if you’re holding the mug with your right hand).

These are two of my favorite mugs because they’re so big! I got the tan striped mug as a raffle prize at the Write2Ignite conference a couple of years ago. And I got this blue handcrafted ceramic mug at Marshall’s for $4 in December 2019 with Andrea–what a find! It’s the perfect shape and size that I like my mugs to be; it’s extremely functional. For that reason, it’s the only mug I ever use to drink a cup of tea.

I love the way this Moscow Mule copper mug looks, but honestly, I don’t really use it because it makes the water taste a little funny. The “Who needs Turkish Delight when you could have tea?” mug came in the June 2019 Pixie Dust book box (a Narnia-themed book subscription box which I believe has been discontinued).

We can’t forget about my Christmas mugs! I have a red “Holly jolly” mug that just comes out at Christmastime, plus a white “Joy” mug (from Hobby Lobby) and blue camp-style “Gratitude” mug (recently purchased from The Frey Life) that I use year-round.

Kenna gifted me this cat mug for Christmas last year. It’s so cute and also nice and big, making it highly functional–just like I like my mugs. I also bought this literary cat mug recently at a bookstore on a shopping trip with Kenna. Was it tailor-made for me or what?!

I recently bought this wildflower mug from Etsy. My grandparents had a set of sheets with a print like this for years, and I’ve been looking for a comforter with something similar. So I thought I would just continue with the trend and buy all things wildflower. Finally, I also received two mugs for my birthday a few weeks ago: This moon phases mug from Kenna, who knows I love all things involving the night sky, and this beautiful friendship mug from Mikayla.

And that’s my current mug collection! My mugs make me smile every day. Do you have a favorite mug? Tell me about it in the comments!

February 2021 Monthly Wrap-up

Whew, February was quite a month. I had three medical appointments this month, one infusion, and one round of labwork. Two of the medical appointments were with new specialists that I’d been waiting to see for a long time, and while they were good, they were a lot to process. Overall I felt pretty anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated, and defeated about medical stuff/my health in February, and I felt so physically unwell that it was difficult to process those emotions and handle the medical admin side of things.

My birthday was this month and I actually really enjoyed it, which was so much fun! Over a Thursday-Sunday, I spent the night at my family’s for my birthday dinner; Kenna and I had a lunch and shopping day; and my family celebrated Valentine’s Day. Other things I was able to do in February: run fun errands with Joshua; have weekly phone calls with Brooke (and one with Sara!); hang out at a coffee shop with some people from church; go to small group with my parents; have Kenna over; go to a bakery and a ballet with my dad; and be a background actor in a short film. I also had a tap lesson (SO good to be back!) and two voice lessons.

This month I’m…

Reading: Sensing God, Joel Clarkson. The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, Joan Aiken (reread). City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, and City of Heavenly Fire, Cassanda Clare (all rereads, and I can’t put into words how much I enjoyed my foray back into the Shadowhunter world). The Lion of Mars, Jennifer L. Holm. Every Moment Holy, Douglas Kaine McKelvey. A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea And Tomorrow, Laura Taylor Namey. You Have A Match, Emma Lord. Scavenge the Stars, Tara Sim. Wolf Hollow, Lauren Wolk. Roman and Jewel, Dana L. Davis. In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson, Bette Bao Lord (reread). From the Desk of Zoe Washington, Janae Marks. The Green Ember, S. D. Smith. Payback, Kristen Simmons. 19 total (you can tell how badly I’ve been feeling by how many books I read in a month–in February I apparently averaged 1.5 per day, lol).

Listening to: The Greatest Showman. My “cooking in the kitchen late night” playlist (it’s a very specific vibe). Anchor, Novo Amor (and its song radio). Glitter & Gold, Barns Courtney. Carry On – Acoustic, Young Rising Sons. Gimme That Sunshine, Animal Island. False Confidence, Noah Kahan. Take Yours, Matthew Mole. u suck and Emotions, Emily Bear. John Hughes Movie, Maisie Peters.

Watching: The usual YouTube suspects: The Frey Life, Kiara Madisen, and Katie Mack (plus Samantha Rios, and all the good Tom Holland content we got). To All the Boys: Always and Forever.

Eating and/or cooking: PB&J toast with plums. Thin Mints. White chocolate macadamia nut Luna bars. Honey garlic chicken breasts (with zucchini and rice because that’s all I ever eat). Spaans lemon coconut cookies. For my birthday: Pork carnitas, chocolate pie, cinnamon sugar air fryer donuts. For Valentine’s Day: Homemade pizza, sugar cookies.

Writing: This month I wrote 42 letters and received 36. I messed around with writing some chronic illness liturgies. And I also completed training to be a volunteer with Dysautonomia Support Network, which didn’t actually involve any writing but seemed to fit into this category.

Buying: A new bookcase for my bedroom. A “Love grows here” sign to go by my kitchen sink. Lots of stationery stuff, from Etsy and Michael’s and the Dollar Tree and a bookstore. Target goodies. New placemats. A second cat scratcher for my cat (which she has proceeded to completely ignore). Goodies from Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and Lidl. A literary cats mug. A ring from Etsy. And way too many books.

Grateful for: 70 degree weather. Clients being flexible with deadlines and workloads. Doctors who are knowledgeable and prepared. My kitchen, my bedroom, I just love my home. Catching up with long distance friends. Seeing dogs (like the one who lives downstairs and greets me from its balcony, or the two-month-old dachshund in a yellow raincoat). Medical receptionists who help you navigate the phone maze. Learning more about storytelling from multiple different standpoints. Friends who buy you chocolate. How my cat has been sleeping curled up against my back. And I’m extremely grateful for the people who give me the accommodations I need so I can continue to do the things I love at least in some capacity.

What did you do in February? What’s something you’re looking forward to in March?