Diamonds 2021 Conference (You’re Invited!)

Diamonds 2021 starts TOMORROW, and we want you to come!

This is the third annual Diamonds conference, an online event created and hosted by my good friend Sara Willoughby, and I’m so blessed to have been involved with every one. Diamonds is a free, virtual conference for Christians who are chronically ill (and anybody else who wants to come). This year, our theme is Purpose in Affliction, and we have almost 20 speakers who will each be sharing sessions on a variety of topics relating back to this main theme. Topics that will be covered include:

  • Grief
  • Waiting
  • Hope
  • Suffering
  • Worthiness

And many more–all through the lens of how these topics relate to chronic illness, and all presented from a solid Biblical and theological foundation. I’m so grateful to call many of these speakers my good friends, and they are all mature Christians whom I look up to and who have been personally encouraging to me in modeling what it looks like to live well with chronic illness.

We’re also so excited to have added several new features this year! In addition to 18 of our traditional speaker sessions and Q&A’s, which are live-streamed on YouTube, we’re introducing two worship sessions with Caleb Stanton; four small group breakout sessions, which will be held on Zoom and allow attendees to discuss specific topics face-to-face; and two panels–one panel on caregiving and one on marriage and chronic illness, where you’ll be able to ask specific questions to a lineup of people with personal experience in these areas.

I’m on staff at Diamonds in a couple of different capacities, including social media manager and sponsorship coordinator. As sponsorship coordinator, I work with companies who are interested in sponsoring the Diamonds conference either financially or by donating products to give away. This year, I’m excited to announce that our official 2021 sponsors are:

We’ll be giving away products from these companies at every session (in addition to several books and products donated by speakers).

In addition to being on staff, I’m also a speaker at Diamonds! This year, I’ll be doing a session (and a Q&A) titled “A Deeper Walk With God.” In this thirty-minute session, I’ll share some of the things that God has taught me through my chronic illness and the ways my medical journey has brought me closer to Him. If you’d like to tune in to my session, it’s at 3:00 PM EST on Sunday, January 24th. I’m also going to be facilitating the prayer session with Bethany Rose at 2:00 PM EST on Saturday–and tomorrow (Friday) at 3:00 PM EST, Kenna and I will be co-leading a small group breakout session on the topic of singleness and chronic illness.

There’s going to be so much good information packed into this weekend, I absolutely can’t wait to get started! We’ve been working so hard for so long to prepare for this conference, and I’m so excited it’s finally here. You can register for the conference for free at this link–you’ll receive further instructions and the links to the sessions via email. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of the official Diamonds 2021 study guide! Available on Amazon to purchase as a paperback or download for free on your Kindle, this beautiful study guide includes a page for every session to help you remember what you’ve learned and apply it to your life.

You can also view the full conference schedule at the website linked above; feel free to pop in and out throughout the weekend as your schedule allows. If there’s a session you’re interested in watching, don’t miss it! In prior years we’ve made the entire conference available on YouTube after it’s over. But to make this conference sustainable in the long run, we need to be able to pay for expenses–which means that this year, we’re offering an All-Access Pass for lifetime access to the conference. By purchasing this pass, you’ll gain lifetime access to all of the conference sessions in addition to other special perks.

Again, however, the conference is completely free this weekend while it’s live. So please come join us and be encouraged as you hear from other chronically ill Christians about how to find purpose in affliction. We can’t wait to see you there!

Follow us on Instagram for live updates and fun social media challenges during the conference–and check out our merch shop to purchase apparel, accessories, and all your Diamonds 2021 gear! Have you attended the Diamonds conference before? Will you be attending this weekend? I can’t wait to get started!

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