December 2020 Monthly Wrap-up

Most of December was documented in my annual Blogmas, which started here and ran through Christmas with one bonus post this week. But here’s a quick recap regardless! I had five medical appointments in December, including one procedure, and two voice lessons. I enjoyed a baking night with Kenna; going to a Christmas brunch at my mom’s church; meeting Carly for dinner; looking at Christmas lights with Kenna; seeing a filmed performance of my dance studio’s The Nutcracker; making gingerbread houses with Kenna and Lindsey; having a picnic with Shannon; Kenna coming over to exchange Christmas gifts; going to Ball Ground with Brooke, Colby, and Carly; having a shopping day with Kenna; and going flying with Kenna and her grandpa.

For Christmas I spent a few days at my parents’ house; my grandpa was in town as well, and we had such a wonderful holiday. I also came back to my parents’ house at New Year’s to spend a couple more nights and have our annual chocolate fondue.

This month I’m…

Reading: The Kingdom of Back, Marie Lu. Gentle and Lowly, Dane C. Ortlund. Chasing Lucky, Jenn Bennett. Lola and the Boy Next Door, Stephanie Perkins. Cast Two Shadows, Ann Rinaldi (reread). Swimming For Freedom, Tera Bradham. 28 Days: A Novel of Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto, David Safier. On the Wings of Heroes, Richard Peck. The Enigma Game, Elizabeth Wein. They Went Left, Monica Hesse. Love and Olives, Jenna Evans Welch. In the Event This Doesn’t Fall Apart, Shannon Lee Barry. The Light in Hidden Places, Sharon Cameron. Christmas with Anne, L.M. Montgomery. 14 total.

Listening to: My Christmas playlist. Lindsey Stirling’s Christmas CD. The Nutcracker. Shawn Mendes’ new Wonder album.

Watching: The Frey Life, Cheyenne Hayden, and Katie Mack / Kiara Madisen on YouTube. Then, the week of Christmas: Christmas episodes of Girl Meets World and Boy Meets World, plus A Christmas Story, Elf, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (all rewatches).

Writing: Sadly, I didn’t have the energy to do much writing for fun in December; only a little bit over Christmas break. I did a lot of work and preparation for the Diamonds conference. I also wrote 48 letters and received 38 (with 18 of those letters received being Christmas cards, mostly from people who aren’t my usual pen pals).

Eating and/or cooking: Ham and zucchini omelets. Baked chocolate donuts and cake batter protein truffles. Sugar-free French toast. Peppermint Enjoy Life cookies. IQ bars. Lemonzest Luna bars. Homemade no-yeast French bread. Gingerbread brownies. Kite Hill tortellini. Cherry tomatoes. Fudge pecan pie. Lemon pepper tuna on crackers.

Buying: A new meat thermometer (I know, really exciting stuff). A monthly planner for 2021. A “Gratitude” mug from The Frey Life. Small containers for the freezer. A festive Christmas sticker from ExpressionMedTape. A canister to hold tea bags on my kitchen counter. New pill cases. And some fun things with Christmas money, including books and wax seal supplies.

Grateful for: Snow (twice!). Compassionate doctors who care and try to help. My mom (and my dad) driving me places and bringing me things when I don’t feel well enough. Christmas emails from clients. The way my grandpa laughs when we watch movies. And I’m so grateful for the friendships in my life–I am so overwhelmingly blessed and fortunate in that area.

What did you do in December?

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