BONUS Blogmas: Ball Ground, shopping day, and flying!

My annual Blogmas typically ends on Christmas Day each year. But this year, I had so many fun plans after Christmas that I wanted to document them, too. So here’s a bonus post recapping the remainder of my Christmas break!

On Sunday afternoon Brooke and Colby picked me up and we drove to a cute downtown area about 30 minutes away from us to meet up with Carly. We sat outside at a coffee shop for several hours and visited and opened Christmas gifts (Brooke got me a beautiful journal). It was so good to spend time together and catch up with them!

On Monday Kenna and I had a shopping day. I don’t get to go out and shop in stores very much because it’s difficult for me physically, so it was SO much fun! We went to Target, the bank, Aldi, Home Goods, and Trader Joe’s and were out all afternoon (I definitely overdid it, but it was so worth it). I stocked up on some fun groceries at Aldi and Trader Joe’s (yes, it’s way more than I will eat, but it all looked so good!). I also found the most adorable ceramic canister at Home Goods to sit on my kitchen counter and hold my tea bags (which were previously just tossed into the baking section of my pantry). We had the best shopping day!

Then on Tuesday, Kenna and I went flying with her grandpa, who is a licensed pilot! We flew over my apartment and my parents’ house (so crazy to see it from above); Amicalola Falls; and Kenna’s house. It was so much fun to learn a little bit about flying, and we ended up with the most gorgeous clear day and amazing views. I really appreciated Kenna’s grandfather taking us out and had such a great time.

(The good quality photos are from Kenna’s phone–the poor quality ones are from mine. Also, yes I own more than one mask and yes I wash my mask, lol.)

This week has been so much fun; I wish Christmas break would never end! It will definitely take me several days to recover from all of the fun–I’m so tired and in pain today that I can barely move, sit up, or walk. But the last few days were awesome. Today I hope to have the energy to do things like writing for fun, blogging, working on letters, organizing, doing Diamonds stuff, figuring out my income for this year, etc. Then tomorrow I hope to go back to my family’s house for our typical New Year’s Eve fondue and board games. I would like to spend two more nights with them before I have to get a COVID test this weekend and isolate in preparation for a medical test next week. What better way to ring in 2021, right?

Okay–now Blogmas 2020 is officially over 😉 I plan to have a couple of other posts go up this week recapping my year!

What have you been doing over Christmas break? Let me know in the comments!

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