Blogmas 2020 Day 23 (enjoying Christmas break)

I woke up this morning exhausted, in pain, and mildly irritated that I had some client work to do today. I managed to get up around 11 and get it done before one so I could move on to the rest of my day–having fun getting things done on Christmas break!

First things first: Before I completely ran out of energy, I went to the kitchen, turned on some Christmas music, and made some gingerbread brownies (a recipe I’d never tried before–they ended up not really being my personal favorite).

While they baked, I cleaned the kitchen, ate a small lunch, and practiced voice (pictured below is the face the cat makes whenever I start doing my vocal warm-ups). Then I wrote a letter and journaled while they cooled.

After that I had to rest in bed for a bit. When I got up around 4:30, I was feeling pretty terrible. But I made myself do some physical therapy/stretching, take a quick shower, and start my laundry. Then I had a small dinner and settled onto the couch with my Gatorade fruit juice to do some computer things–working on a Christmas gift and working on my Diamonds talk. And somehow now the day is already over and I’m going to bed to read for the night.

Today I’m grateful for: The virtual Christmas card I got from a coworker and the Merry Christmas email I got from a mentor and friend.

Check out Blogmas Day 23 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?

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