Blogmas 2020 Day 22 (EMG and Whole Foods)

This morning I had a nerve conduction study with my Emory neurologist. I’ve already had one EMG this year–I feel like there’s some kind of joke in here about not being able to get out of 2020 with just one. While nerve conduction studies are by far not the worst medical procedure I’ve ever had, they also aren’t necessarily the way you’d choose to spend your Tuesday morning. And, oh yeah–today’s procedure was at 8:45 in Atlanta, meaning my dad and I had to leave at 7:45. And as you’ve probably noticed by now, most days I’m doing good if I’m able to be vertical before 10 A.M.

We ended up being at the doctor’s office for almost two hours. I had both parts of the procedure (which involves electric shocks and being stuck with needles–I spared you the bloody pictures), and then they kept me to do one additional small procedure. Finally, we finished talking to the doctor and wrapped things up.

We were in a rush because my dad had somewhere to be, but we stopped by the Whole Foods across the street before heading home. This was my first time ever going to a Whole Foods and it was very exciting! (Also very expensive, but we won’t talk about that lol.) I’m absolutely over the moon about the Kite Hill tortellini I got. I’m not a big pasta person but I do love tortellini and ravioli, and I haven’t had either one in a year and a half. I also got some fun little candy bars, lemon cups, a new kind of granola, a few other snacks like yogurt and crackers, and some produce.

It was noon when I got home. I ate breakfast, showered, and then sat down with my computer to do a few small tasks–blog things, medical things, Diamonds things. Before long, though, I ended up in bed to watch YouTube and rest. But as tired as I was, I couldn’t actually fall asleep. So I eventually got back up and made a scrambled egg with cherry tomatoes and tortilla chips for lunch. Then I wrote some letters, and by then it was almost dinnertime.

My stomach has been a mess today and I definitely overdid it at dinner, but I had so much new food that I was so excited about, I just couldn’t resist! I made a pork chop, a zucchini, and the Kite Hill dairy-free tortellini (which was really good!); I also tried these little vegan lemon tarts, which were absolutely delicious! I can definitely justify all the money I spend at specialty grocery stores these days if it piques my appetite and gets more calories in me.

This evening I did a few blog things, voted, and FaceTimed with my mom and brother for almost an hour and a half. Now it’s 9:00 and I’m going to bed with a book.

Today I’m grateful for: It officially feels like Christmas break now–I don’t have any more medical appointments until January 2nd (unless anything goes wrong, knock on wood)!

Check out Blogmas Day 22 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?

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