Blogmas 2020 Day 19 (picnic and Christmas gifts)

As soon as my eyes cracked open this morning and I realized how tired I was and how much my legs hurt, I knew I’d overdone it with my plans for today. But once I laid in bed and rested for a while, I started feeling more awake and energetic, and was able to get up and put away my laundry before it was time to go.

At 12:30 my friend Shannon and I met at the park for a picnic. She brought us tangerines, lingonberry jam, and the most amazing homemade sourdough bread (still warm out of the oven); I contributed ham and raspberry star shortbread cookies. It ended up being such a pretty day for a picnic–50 and sunny–and we had a really nice time visiting for a few hours.

On the way home I stopped by my family’s house to say hi. Then I went home and showered. Kenna came over at 4:30 for about two hours so we could exchange the last of our Christmas gifts. She gave me so many fun and thoughtful gifts that I am so excited about!!! I enjoyed sampling all the food (including some not pictured) when she left 🙂

This evening I wrote a few letters and now I’m going to bed to read.

Today I’m grateful for: The beautiful weather and having a little more energy.

Check out Blogmas Day 19 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?

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