Blogmas 2020 Day 11 (I’m tired)

I felt pretty bad this morning but eventually managed to get up and get moving. I spent a stressful morning going back and forth between a small client project that was due today, and some Diamonds technical difficulties. Then Brooke and I talked on the phone for an hour at noon and I decorated some envelopes.

After that, I went to pick up my Walmart grocery order and my library books (yes, my eyes were bigger than my stomach in both instances).

I wanted to go outside and work on my balcony because it was 65 degrees, but after 10 minutes I was back inside to rest on the couch because I was just so tired and not feeling well. Eventually I managed to sit up and do a little more work. Not as much as I wish I had been able to do, though; I took on an unexpected project that’s due early next week, and I’ve been trying to think through how to rearrange my work schedule to get it done.

I made too much food for a late dinner this evening, froze some of the groceries I bought today in single-serving containers, cleaned up the kitchen, and now it’s 8:00 and I’m completely exhausted–so I’m heading to bed with a book (I just can’t decide which one…).

Today I’m grateful for: Literally the easiest/best experience I’ve ever had trying to get my prescriptions delivered from CVS (their automated phone system is the bane of my existence, but the lady today was so nice and the process was so quick).

Check out Blogmas Day 11 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?

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