Blogmas 2020 Day 9 (Christmas lights!)

Things were a little more in control this morning and I felt somewhat more clearheaded and energetic, which I was SO grateful for! Of course I didn’t feel great and I was still pretty emotionally drained, but I could definitely tell a noticeable difference in my emotional/cognitive state which was amazing. It was also helpful that I was at home all day. I had to finish and upload several blog posts today, and I was able to do all of them except one, and even managed to practice voice!

This evening Kenna and I went out to drive around and look at some Christmas lights in a huge neighborhood near us that’s known every year for their lights. It was a lot of fun to drink hot chocolate and look at all the houses. We also hung out at her house for a while and exchanged more Christmas gifts. It was such a fun evening that I really enjoyed!

Today I’m grateful for: Talking to Bethany, a letter from Brooke, and so grateful for having more energy today (I even stopped at Sprouts to stock up on IQ Bars!) .

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