Blogmas 2020 Day 7 (blood sugar frustrations)

My cat woke me up way too early this morning by throwing up a hairball on my bedroom floor. (How considerate.) I couldn’t go back to sleep after I cleaned it up, but I rested in bed for a couple more hours in hopes that I wouldn’t crash too hard later in the day. Eventually I got up, made myself eat, and got to work. I was sleepy, headache-y, and not very productive; I was also in a super bad mood all day because I was having constant blood sugar lows, which were making me extremely irritated, angry, and unable to focus (and then I would get even MORE frustrated because I couldn’t focus).

At 2:00 I had a counseling phone call. We primarily talked about chronic illness and church related issues. After that I got my package/mail (!), ate something, poked around for a while, and finally managed to finish up a little more work.

This evening I was supposed to go to a small cookie swap at my friend Carly’s house, but the other attendees ended up not being able to make it–so instead she and I just met up to hang out for a little bit and give each other the cookies we’d made. I really enjoyed visiting with her!

There was a Barnes & Noble near where we met and I couldn’t resist going in for a little bit when we were done. I displayed a remarkable amount of self-control and didn’t spend a single penny; I put about a dozen books that looked good on hold at my library, and just longingly stared at the journals and notebooks and planners (and the kitten-shaped notecards and celestial-themed sticky note and pencil set I can’t stop thinking about).

Tonight was really nice and put me in a much better mood. By the time I got home around 8:00 I was definitely feeling pretty bad again physically, though, so I’m excited to go to bed.

Today I’m grateful for: Doctors who send detailed explanations of lab results, my yellow sweater, the Christmas tree on top of the hospital.

Check out Blogmas Day 7 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?

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