Blogmas 2020 Day 6 (nursery at church)

This morning I had nursery at my church. I was scheduled to work with another college-age girl and we had just one little girl (who was wearing an adorable owl-printed dress and a matching mask). We played with toys, went next door for a music lesson with the older kids, and did a Bible story and craft.

When I got home from church I showered, ate some leftovers, and wrote a few letters. Around 3:00 I got in bed with my computer and worked on a Christmas gift, and wasted some time on Pinterest and YouTube.

I had some tilapia and an avocado I needed to use and I really wanted a taco, so around five I got up and made one. Today was Not a good day for me to experiment with eating a lot of carbs and I knew that, but what can I say, the heart wants what it wants.

By 6:00 I was so drowsy (also really frustrated for no reason in particular?) and beyond ready for bed, but, well, it was 6:00. So I pushed myself to schedule all of the Diamonds social media posts for this week and do a few other little things. Now it’s 8:00 and I’m going (say it with me) to bed with a book.

(I also watched this video by Shannon Barry sixty-eight times today. Not even exaggerating. “So this is growing up. It feels, all at once, enormous and mundane.” I feel that so much. And while I’m recommending things you should watch/read, I’ve been meaning to share this article from the Freys for several days: Spiritual Formation in the Midst of Chronic Illness. I was saying “YES, EXACTLY!” at every paragraph.)

Today I’m grateful for: Keeping these private today, but God cares about the little things!

Check out Blogmas Day 6 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?

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