Blogmas 2020 Day 3 (voice lesson + Sprouts grocery haul)

It was a good feeling this morning to have the bulk of my work for the week completed. After a client meeting at 10 AM, I sent some emails, had breakfast, did some Christmas shopping on Etsy (aka my favorite place), and then settled down to outline a blog post on fonts in email. Eventually I got up and ate something and cleaned the kitchen. Then I wrote a blog post on keeping your cat warm in the winter.

I had my biweekly voice lesson today, so at 2:30 I drove to my voice teacher’s house. I’m currently learning on What Baking Can Do from Waitress and have made really fast progress on it! I just need to work on increasing volume throughout and having the stamina to get through the whole thing. I’ll be done with it by my next lesson and we’re talking about goals for next year.

new hand-me-down clothes and jewelry from Brooke!

Then I went to Sprouts to get some groceries–half actual food I needed and half just fun products, lol. Highlights: The IQ Bar (my friend recommended this as a low-carb, low-sugar bar and I’ve been wanting to try it); the little honey nut squash (which I’ve never had before); and the strawberry lemonade (that I only bought for the glass bottle). As usual, I probably overestimated the amount of produce I’ll feel up to eating before it goes bad, but it just all looked so good.

It was almost five by the time I got home and put everything away. I did a few small work and Diamonds tasks and then tried to find something to eat for my upset stomach. I finally cooked a yellow squash, threw it in a bowl with some leftover jasmine rice and cubed ham, and ate dinner while watching the Freys’ vlog from today (which I do every day–at least, on the days I’m feeling well enough).

After dinner I took a shower and then wrote a few letters–mostly Christmas cards for a card exchange I’m participating in. I crashed pretty quickly, though, and now it’s 8 PM and I’m heading to bed with Jenn Bennett’s new book Chasing Lucky (which I am WAY TOO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED ABOUT!!!).

Also, can we just appreciate this picture of my cat? I was walking around my apartment looking for her (not wearing my glasses, of course) and finally realized she’d been watching my search from the top of the bookcase the whole time.

Today I’m grateful for: Being able to get out of the house and do things; the ability to take voice lessons and improve in that way; friends who are vulnerable and real about what they’re going through; and getting a sweet and encouraging postcard from the prayer coordinator at Chronic Joy.

Check out Blogmas Day 3 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?

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