Blogmas 2020 Day 2 (stressed and exhausted)

I got my Spotify wrapped last night and I was so excited about it! In 2020 I listened to 23,099 minutes of music (on Spotify), discovered 663 new artists, and listened to 225 genres.

I correctly guessed ahead of time that Maisie Peters was my top artist of the year; apparently, I spent 1,468 minutes listening to her music (and that’s 1,468 minutes well spent). I expected there to be lots of Lennon Stella and Ellen Halsinger, too (I do Ellen Halsinger vocal warmups) and I wasn’t surprised–Lennon Stella’s Jealous was my top song of the year (and hearing it took me straight back to quarantine in April). In fact, each of my top five tracks from 2020 reminds me of a very specific date, place, time, and activity.

Also, honorable mention to the Living with Hope podcast! I normally don’t listen to podcasts because I’m not at all an auditory person and I just can’t do it, but this summer when various symptoms made it more and more difficult to function or even read, I started listening to podcasts while lying in bed with my eyes closed–and most of the time, the Freys’ Living with Hope was my podcast of choice.

Okay… I know you all really cared about that and hate to move along, but here’s what I did today 😉

I had a ridiculous amount of work projects due today–three blog posts for one client, 10 product descriptions for another, and a single blog post for a third. So today I was at home all day trying to get them done. I was tired, had a headache, and couldn’t focus on anything to save my life, and it was frustrating trying my hardest to be productive. (I couldn’t choose just one sleeping cat picture, so you get them all. At least somebody had a relaxing day.)

It was 7 P.M. before everything was submitted and by then I was barely functioning. I laid in bed for an hour and then managed to get up, take a shower, and make a peanut butter banana smoothie for dinner. I wrote a couple of letters too and now I’m heading to bed to be asleep by ten.

I was kind of in a funk emotionally today. After getting my Spotify Wrapped I listened to a bunch of the music I discovered during quarantine in April, which made me all nostalgic. Then I reconnected with a girl I’ve known for a few years and we talked about some specific chronic illness-related topics that made me feel a lot of emotions. Then I had a minorly anxiety-inducing client situation come up. And finally, late afternoon I got a call to schedule a medical procedure (and the corresponding COVID test hahahahaha) for January that made me very stressed for many reasons. But I still found a lot of things to be grateful for today, I’m glad I got to write letters tonight, and I hope tomorrow will be better!

Today I’m grateful for: A past client randomly reaching out to offer me future work; a friend sending me a link to a writing opp for disabled/chronically ill writers she knew I’d be interested in; and all of my friends who check in on me when I’m having a stressful day.

Check out Blogmas Day 2 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?

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