Blogmas 2020 Day 1 (baking night!)

Welcome back to my fifth annual Blogmas! Blogmas, where I post a day-in-the-life post each day in December leading up to Christmas, is basically all I’ve been able to think about for at least the past month. I’m so excited for the Christmas season this year and so excited to share it with you (even though it will probably involve more work and more medical appointments than we’d all prefer). So, that being said… let’s just dive right into what I did today!

I woke up at 9:00 feeling terrible with my kitty all snuggled up next to me, which is more or less what happens every morning. Outside of the norm for us, though, was that we got a little snow overnight! We never get snow this early in the winter and it was still 70 a week ago–so this was super exciting. (Yes I realize it was literally six flakes, don’t burst my Southern bubble.)


By 10:30 I was on the couch working–writing a blog post on email design trends for 2021 (I’m completely fascinated with how the pandemic has changed, or should change, marketing and customer communications). At noon I took a break for an omelet made with ham and leftover zucchini (which was AMAZING and my new favorite thing).


Then it was back to work, this time on some product descriptions for another client. I worked the rest of the afternoon with a few small breaks to check the mail (thank you for the Christmas gift, Sara!), practice voice, and for my mom and Joshua to come over and pick some things up.


Around five I wrapped everything up, got ready, and drove to Kenna’s house for a Christmas baking night. We made a tried-and-true recipe for baked chocolate donuts and tried a new recipe for cake batter protein truffles that came out absolutely AMAZING (all gluten free, dairy free, low fat, low sugar, high protein, etc). We ate a fun snack-y dinner, too.

We also exchanged the first of our Christmas gifts! I gave Kenna a desk organizer that’s customized with a photo and she gave me a donut pan and a book of donut recipes (which was hilarious considering the only thing I’d talked about all night was how much I wanted a donut pan–I literally said I was going to go home and buy one on Amazon tonight).

Tonight was way too much fun and the perfect way to start out the Christmas season!

Today I’m grateful for: Having a good amount of energy, the gorgeous moon on the way home, and Grace Anne reminding us that the reason we celebrate is still unchanged.

Check out Blogmas Day 1 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?

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