November 2020 Monthly Wrap-Up

At the beginning of November I felt like I was just sitting around waiting for Christmas to get here! Once we got into the month I did stay busy with work, plans with friends and family, and feeling very badly (lol), but I continued to spend a lot of time preparing for and getting excited about Christmas.

This month I had two voice lessons and four medical appointments. Kenna came over once for dinner, once for charcuterie, and once to just visit; I went to a cookie decorating class at Mom’s church; Joshua came over for dinner and a movie; Dad and I went to a build-your-own-charcuterie-board event; Mom and I went to Trader Joe’s and then she came for dinner; we had a baptism and Thanksgiving lunch at church; I visited Mrs. Norma; Dad, Joshua, and I went to see my grandpa in Chattanooga for a weekend; I went to my family’s house for two nights at Thanksgiving; and Brooke and I went to a Christmas tree farm (and started a new tradition of Friday lunchtime phone calls).

This month I’m…

Reading: On the Far Side of the Mountain, Frightful’s Mountain, and Julie of the Wolves, Jean Craighead George (rereads). The Falcon Thief, Joshua Hammer. Charming As A Verb, Ben Philippe. A Grace Disguised, Jerry Sittser. Recommended For You, Laura Silverman. Now That I’ve Found You, Kristina Forest. The White Stag, Kate Seredy. Fast Girls, Elise Hooper. Betty Before X, Ilyasah Shabazz. The Lady’s Handbook for her Mysterious Illness, Sarah Ramey. The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had, Kristin Levine. 13 total.

Listening to: Christmas music!!! (I normally don’t start before Thanksgiving but it’s 2020, don’t @ me.) I Am They’s new Faithful God album. Oh Wonder. Breathe Deep, Sleeping At Last. I Love Me, Meghan Trainor. Pure Imagination, Joanna Wang. And a few random podcasts when I wasn’t feeling well, including Livy’s Dream to Destiny podcast.

Watching: The Frey Life, Diana Malloy, and Linda Sun on YouTube. Enola Holmes (well, half of it–I was never able to finish it). Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Shawn Mendes: In Wonder. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Eating and/or cooking: Apples with KIND peanut butter granola clusters. Turkey meatballs or diced ham with mashed sweet potatoes. Popcorners. Birch Benders pancakes. Mini peppermint Ocho candy bars. Pork chops and purple sweet potatoes. Chocolate pie and turkey.

Writing: I was excited and grateful to find at least a few pockets of time where I had the energy to work on my book some–mostly sending emails and getting more quotes. Outside of my normal “9-5” client work, I did work for the Diamonds conference and Chronic Joy, and I thought about the fiction stories I desperately wish I felt well enough to write. Letter-wise I wrote 40 letters and received 23 (and had way too much fun starting to create Christmas envelopes).

Buying: A medical ID bracelet. A used countertop George Foreman grill. A “Be Still and Know” mug. A handmade charcuterie board from a local business. Christmas washi tape, stickers, ephemera, and paper for envelopes and letters (yes, I went a little overboard, lol). Stickers from Hanne at coffeewithasideofart.

Grateful for (my gratitude journal is absolutely bursting but here are just a few): Daisy, the Labrador Retriever puppy that moved into my apartment building (I LOVE HER SO MUCH). The days when I was able to walk well and get things done around the house. Being able to work on my book a little bit. Colorful fall leaves. Surprise phone calls from friends on a normal Saturday night. Having role models who show me what it looks like to have a marriage/family with chronic illness. Joshua sending me school updates and telling me things about his life. Getting a bunch more hand-me-down clothes. And most of all, IT’S CHRISTMAS NOW!!!

What did you do in November? Blogmas starts TOMORROW and I could not be more excited!

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