Trader Joe’s Haul (part three)

This is now exclusively a Trader Joe’s food blog. Yes, all I do anymore is shop at Trader Joe’s. It’s an exciting life.

Repeat buys (my staples by now):

  • Purple sweet potatoes x4
  • Frozen mashed sweet potatoes x2
  • Delicata squash x4
  • GoMacro bars (heartwarming retreat flavor) x2
  • Peanut butter protein granola
  • Strawberry ice cream
  • Enjoy Life protein bites (both the sunseed butter and the dark raspberry flavor) x6 total (heating these up in the microwave is a GAME CHANGER)
  • Sunflower seed butter cups

The only new items in the photo not reviewed in this blog post are the dark chocolate almond butter cups (which ended up having dairy, so I sent them home with my mom) and the bananas (because, well, you know what a banana tastes like). All of this cost approximately $95.00. I’ve had zero appetite for the last few weeks and I’m hoping some of this fun stuff will tempt me. Let’s get into the reviews!

Olive Wood Bowls

I’d read about the bowls and cutting boards made of olive wood that Trader Joe’s gets at this time of year, and I was so excited to find these! They’re the prettiest little bowls and just the right size for a snack.

Would I buy again?: Yes–they would make a great gift.

Cold Pressed Orange Juice

I mostly just picked this up to take my pills with, because I was out of orange juice at home and I’m a child and can’t take pills with water.

Would I buy again?: Not unless I needed orange juice.

Cauliflower Crisps

These were a new product that I was excited to try, and they were so good–I really, really liked them! (All ten of them that were in the bag, lol.)

Would I buy again?: Yes!

Lucy Glo Apples

The Lucy Glo variety of apple is vivid red on the inside. It’s beautiful, and it tasted so sweet and delicious!

Would I buy again?: Yes!

Mandarin Orange Chicken

I haven’t been able to try this yet and I didn’t want to delay this blog post any longer, so stay tuned for my thoughts! I was super excited to learn that Trader Joe’s orange chicken was dairy free.

PB&J Bar

These PB&J bars are okay. You can’t really taste the peanut butter and jelly flavor, though–they kind of just taste like oat bars.

Would I buy them again?: Probably not.

Raspberry Star Shortbread Cookies

I’ve been waiting for these raspberry star cookies for months, and they did not disappoint–they’re absolutely delicious! They’re soft shortbread cookies with a sweet jam center.

Would I buy this again?: Yes!

Advent Calendar for Cats

This feline Advent calendar has a salmon and dried seaweed treat for every day in December. My mom got a dog Advent calendar for Sophie, too. Such a fun idea!

Would I buy this again?: I haven’t opened it yet so I can’t say for sure, but it looks great, so probably yes!

Soft-Baked Snickerdoodles

I was expecting these to taste pretty much exactly like the Enjoy Life brand snickerdoodles, and they do–they’re really good!

Would I buy this again?: Yes!

Coconut Crispy Rolls Wafer Cookies

These little cookies are great! They taste familiar, but I can’t put my finger on what it is they taste like. Maybe a waffle cone? Or a fortune cookie? Regardless, I think they’re so good.

Would I buy this again?: Yes!

Red Chili Scalloped Crackers

This is another new cracker product that Trader Joe’s recently put out, and it is delicious as well–when topped with some turkey sausage, it makes for a perfect meal!

Would I buy this again?: Maybe. I like these crackers, but I like other kinds of crackers better.

Organic Toasted Coconut Granola Bark

This granola bark (shown in the picture above) is delicious! It’s granola layered with dark chocolate and toasted coconut chips.

Would I buy this again?: Maybe–again, while, was good, there are other dessert items I like more.

Creamy Cashew Yogurt Alternative + Almond Yogurt

I picked up these little yogurts just because I was out of yogurt at home. Yogurt is one of those things that kind of always tastes the same to me no matter the brand or flavor, so I wasn’t expecting to love especially the cashew yogurt as much as I did–I’m sad I only got one!

Would I buy this again?: Yes!

That’s everything I got in this Trader Joe’s haul! Have you tried any of these items? If so, let me know your favorites in the comments!

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