Trader Joe’s Haul (part two)

If you know me, you probably know by now that I’ve become (ahem) mildly obsessed with Trader Joe’s. I blame my friend Kenna for starting this obsession and Natasha from Trader Joe’s List for furthering it. And also just Trader Joe himself, for having such amazing products.

Anyway. Today’s haul is technically a two-parter: some things that I bought on a trip to Trader Joe’s with my dad two weeks ago, and some things Kenna picked up for me the week before that. Some of the products I purchased were things I’d gotten before, including:

  • Strawberry ice cream
  • Peanut butter protein granola
  • Peanut butter & jelly Frooze Balls
  • GoMacro bars (although I did get all new flavors–everlasting joy, smooth sanctuary, and heartwarming retreat)
  • Enjoy Life sunseed butter protein bites (I eat these almost every night and they’re the best thing in the WORLD–they taste like chocolate truffles, but are free of the top eight allergens and have 8g of protein to keep my blood sugar up for at least a little longer during the night! I also grabbed a pack of the dark raspberry flavor to try, and they were good too.)

Everything else reviewed in this haul was a new-to-me product that I was super excited to try. On the Trader Joe’s trip with my dad, I bought 19 items for $40. Here’s what I thought of each one!

Mini Chicken Tacos

These cute little tacos are gluten-free, dairy-free, and pretty good! I eat them as a meal, but they seem like they’re meant to be more of an appetizer–they’re pretty plain and would be a lot better if you had a dipping sauce, maybe the cashew fiesta dip (which sadly upsets my stomach). Yes, homemade tacos would probably be cheaper and taste better. But I never know when I’m going to feel like eating what, and it’s nice to have these in the freezer if I decide on a whim that I want tacos.

Would I buy again?: Sure.

Joe Joe’s

I thought I’d read somewhere that Joe Joe’s were large, soft sandwich cookies. Turns out, though, they’re essentially just like Oreos. They’re definitely good, but if I’d known I would have probably spent my money on something else. (Although, whereas Oreos normally upset my stomach, Joe Joe’s seem to be okay with me–so that’s super nice!)

Would I buy again?: Not unless I need them for a recipe or I’m trying a new seasonal flavor (peppermint Joe Joe’s, anyone?).

Chocolate Babka

This is a dream come true. It’s flaky. It’s chocolatey. And it’s dairy free! It definitely doesn’t make me feel great and I ended up taking some of it over to my family’s house, but it was so good. And so beautiful–I mean, just look at that flaky goodness. (*has a full photoshoot with Trader Joe’s babka*)

Would I buy again?: My heart says yes. My stomach says no.

Holiday Hash

I can’t have very many vegetables, and I’m getting a little bored of the ones I can eat. So when I saw this hash that’s essentially just butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and herbs, I was totally on board! My favorite thing to do with this is add it to scrambled eggs (with some deli turkey meat thrown in too for extra protein). It’s delicious and makes your kitchen smell amazing. As I do with everything else, I froze most of the Holiday Hash in individual portions.

Would I buy again?: Absolutely. In fact, since it’s a seasonal product, I’m going to stock up next time I go.

Aloha Bar

This was pretty good! It just tasted like your average chocolate protein bar. It did have a lot of fiber for me though (14g) and I’m not sure how I would feel if I ate the whole thing at once.

Would I buy again?: I don’t think so.

Japanese Sweet Potato

I’ve been wanting to try Japanese sweet potatoes for quite a while and I was excited to pick this up. I cut it up and roasted it at 350 for an hour with honey and a sprinkle of salt. It was absolutely delicious! It tasted sort of like a cross between a sweet potato and a russet potato. It was also kind of chewy, but that might have just been mine since I forgot to add oil before putting it in the oven. 🙂

Would I buy again?: Yes!

Delicata Squash

Delicata squash seems to be all the rage among food bloggers and Instagrammers right now. Since I’m able to eat most kinds of squash, I thought I should try it out! I cooked this by slicing it up (which was extremely difficult and frustrating thanks to my carpal tunnel) and then roasting it in the oven for 30 minutes at 425 with olive oil, garlic salt, and pepper. It was good, but it probably would’ve been better if I hadn’t burned it. What can I say, I was in a meeting.

Would I buy again?: If I had someone else to slice it for me. 😉

ABC Bars

For some reason (probably the color of the packaging?), I got it into my head that these were going to taste like Heath bars. They obviously didn’t, lol–but I couldn’t put my finger on what they did taste like. I think the almond butter and fig paste combo was just unfamiliar to me because I’ve never had almond butter before. These were good and I’ll enjoy the rest!

Would I buy again?: Maybe. They were good, but they wouldn’t be my top priority when it comes to bars since they only have 4g protein.

That’s it for this Trader Joe’s haul–but I’m sure there will be another one soon! Have you tried any of these products? What should I get next time? Please encourage my newest bad habit by letting me know in the comments!

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