September 2020 Monthly Wrap-up

Much of September was spent in preparation for the final week of the month–getting ahead on work, doing research and paperwork, etc. Before we got there, I had five or six medical appointments; a voice lesson; and two tap lessons. Kenna and I had a fun evening at Menchie’s and the park; Andrea and I went to lunch; Brooke came over for brunch; Kenna and I went to dinner; Brooke went with my family to an apple “house;” and my dad and I went to lunch at a WWII aviation-themed restaurant.

The last full week in September was crazy–it honestly felt like a whole year in and of itself. I took off work the whole week (which weirdly made it feel like Christmas break). The first couple days, I had some medical appointments–including a pretty big one that I’d been waiting for for months, where we learned some important and helpful things. (And I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time, which was way too exciting.)

After that, we went to the beach Wednesday-Sunday. We’d been planning for months to go to Gulf Shores. But that fell through because of Hurricane Sally–so we threw together a very last-minute trip to North Myrtle Beach. We had such a fun and relaxing trip walking on the beach and picking up shells; playing Yahtzee with a view of the ocean; and making fresh chocolate chip cookies every afternoon (a beach tradition).

This month I’m…

Reading: Archenemies, Supernova, and Cinder, Marissa Meyer. Falling Free, Shannan Martin. Traitor to the Throne, Alwyn Hamilton (reread). Dream Things True, Marie Marquardt. The Next Right Thing, Emily P. Freeman. The Scars That Have Shaped Me, Vaneetha Rendell Risner. Welcome to Camden Falls, Needle and Thread, Tis the Season, Best Friends, Coming Apart, September Surprises, and Keeping Secrets, Ann M. Martin (rereads). The Geography of Lost Things, Jessica Brody. The Wish Granter and The Shadow Queen, C. J. Redwine (rereads). 18 total (I also apparently read a book called Magic, but I have no memory of this and no idea who the author was??).

Listening to: Peter Frey’s Living With Hope podcast. Tuck Everlasting. Acoustic hymns. Honeybee, The Head and the Heart. Surround Me, LEON. Hopeless Wanderer and Mountain Sound, Mumford & Sons. Peer Pressure, James Bay. Heather, Conan Gray. Alive, NEEDTOBREATHE. Let Me Move You, Sabrina Carpenter. Ugly Heart, G.R.L. Living on the Last Hope, Saint Mikel. Maybe Don’t, Maisie Peters.

Watching: The Frey Life, Elli Feingold, and Trader Joe’s List on YouTube. Boy Meets World season three. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Eating and/or cooking: White chocolate chip blondies. An anniversary meal for my parents–chicken piccata, green beans, bacon mac n cheese cups, mango mousse, and Oreo cobbler. Trader Joe’s cashew fiesta dip, cinnamon rolls, and maple leaf cookies. Enjoy Life sunseed protein bites. Chicken sausage and butternut squash. Nature’s Bakery raspberry fig bars. Ben & Jerry’s nondairy Netflix and chill flavor. Whiting. And at the beach: Cracker Barrel biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, apple cake, and candy corn.

Writing: I was able to work on my book some during the time I was off work, which was really great. I also wrote and mailed 42 letters this month and received 26.

Buying: Autumn washi tape. Stationery items from Shein. Lots of exciting food at Trader Joe’s (full haul coming soon). Green sweatpants. A whole case of Enjoy Life sunseed protein bites. Two mugs and a shirt from Myrtle Beach. A cute autumn pot holder and a scented sachet from Cracker Barrel. A new floor lamp and some mini pumpkins. And a Hobby Lobby fall mug because I can’t resist.

Learning: 1) Sitting still is okay. But also, you’re never really sitting still–you can’t help but keep moving forward in life. 2) Even if something in life isn’t the way I thought it would be, it is still good. 3) The importance of receiving life as a gift rather than pursuing novelty or change in an attempt to satisfy myself.

Grateful for: Being asked to be a bridesmaid for the first time! My dance teacher building in time to stretch during our lessons, because she knows I have heart rate issues. Kenna leaving me scones in her mailbox. And literally everything about our vacation.

What did you do in September? What are your plans for October?

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