June 2020 Monthly Wrap-Up

June (how is June over?) was a little tumultuous. There were several situations, involving change or relationships or something new or all of the above, that were difficult to deal with (especially because they happened all at once!) but grew me so much at the same time. June was busy and involved two mini health crises plus lots of bad daily symptoms, but also some fun stuff and meaningful projects.

The first week of June we were in Mississippi visiting my grandpa. I mostly worked and didn’t feel well, but we also ate a ton of desserts (lol) and got to go sailing on my uncle’s boat (which was SO fun but took many days from which to recover). Back home, I had a couple of voice lessons, went to physical therapy once a week, and had four other doctor’s appointments; I also interviewed seven people for my book.

Fun stuff: My group of friends had a bonfire at Kenna’s one night and dinner at my house another night. Brooke and I had a picnic one day; Kenna came over for dinner twice. My dad and I went to an artisan market and Smoothie King. We had two special dinners, one for Joshua’s 15th birthday and one for Father’s Day. And Andrea and I had a fun day picnicking at Amicalola Falls!

This month I’m…

Reading: All the Flowers in Paris, Sarah Jio. Moon over Manifest, Clare Vanderpool. The Circle of Seasons: Meeting God in the Church Year, K.C. Ireton. Flight Season, Marie Marquardt. The Missing Kennedy, Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff. An Ember in the Ashes, A Torch Against the Night, and Reaper at the Gates, Sabaa Tahir. Be Still My Soul: Reflections on Living the Christian Life, Elisabeth Elliott (life-changing). Come Matter Here, Hannah Brencher. Yes No Maybe So, Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed. The Rose Society, Marie Lu. Through the Shadowlands, Julie Rehmeyer. Mananaland, Pam Munoz Ryan. 14 total.


Listening to: Ben Rector’s Extraordinary Magic album, especially Boxes and Peace. Jordy Searcy, especially Why Can’t We Be Friends? Em Carey’s Chill playlist. Hallelujah and Better Now, Oh Wonder. Lucky, Chelsea Cutler. The Weather, Lawrence. If You Need Me, Julia Michaels. Cold Sweat, Axel Mansoor. Favorite T-Shirt, Jake Scott. Haunted, Saint Claire. Morning Song, Steffany Gretzinger.

Watching: Freedom Writers. Kiara Madisen‘s YouTube. Abbey Sharp‘s YouTube.

Eating and/or cooking: Biscuits. Banana pudding. Shrimp with green beans and roasted sweet potatoes. Apples. Strawberry brownies. So Delicious ice cream bars and cookie dough ice cream. Chicken with roasted russet potatoes and baked zucchini/yellow squash. Watermelon.

Writing: Outside of work, I interviewed seven people for my book and did some other research for the book, too. I also wrote 54 letters (and received 51).

I’m adding two new sections to my monthly wrap-up posts this month–the products I’ve been buying and using (unless otherwise noted, I recommend them all), and the life lessons I’ve been learning. Yes, I’m aware that one is very shallow while the other is not, lol. But here you go!

Buying: This cat tree with two scratching posts (a GREAT purchase, very worth it). This Romwe short-sleeve tie front T-shirt. A new three-a-day pill organizer. The awesomely comfortable pink dress, shown below, from Walmart (can’t find a link for it now). Four shirts and a couple of pieces of jewelry from Shein that I really like. Also, lots of fun birthday gifts that will be revealed next month…

Learning: God just wants me, not the things my body can or can’t do. It’s so important to choose to be a person who stays and builds anyway (creds for this one, and the middle picture below, to Grace Anne). The kingdom of Heaven is found in ordinary tasks and every rhythm of existence is a place in which the Kingdom can come. It’s the hard situations that grow and refine you. Sometimes doing the right thing is a little lonely. Where I am physically weak, He is strong. Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. How to dig in for the daily work of growing myself and loving others.

What did you do this month? I think my two new sections are keepers, so tell me–what’s something fun you bought for yourself or someone else in June, and what’s something God taught you?

4 thoughts on “June 2020 Monthly Wrap-Up

  1. June flew by waayyy too fast. Still, I managed to read more books than I’d read since quarantine started (probably due to the fact that this spring has been so wet and rainy, it didn’t allow for much outside time).

    I love your new wrap-up sections! Remembering the lessons in each month/season is invaluable, and also teaches gratitude.

    hope your July is full of wonderful things.

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  2. June was pretty wild for me too! It was also pretty exhausting. Two of my best friends turned 21 this month, so we had two crazy long trips to the beach in quick succession and that really took it out of me. I also lost my job, so that was sad, though I’m enjoying having free time again. Eventually I’ll have to get another job though 😦
    Something fun I bought myself…I had some training seminars that were cancelled and I got a whole lot of money back, so I decided to buy some dog training books for myself. And God’s definitely teaching me to rely on him at the moment 😀

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