April 2020 Monthly Wrap-Up

April was a lovely month! Georgia was under a shelter-in-place for pretty much the whole month, and I loved the feeling of having a (somewhat) blank calendar. I spent my time working (obviously–I work from home all the time, although I was glad to have a little less work this month), going to physical therapy for my chronic pain twice a week, and spending every Friday-Sunday at my parents’ house (it has been so much fun to just relax and play card games or hang out together). Here’s a week-in-my-life vlog from this month.

I also had some other doctor’s appointments (12 medical appointments total, including PT) and had voice lessons via FaceTime plus some other video calls with friends and family (like a weekly Sunday night FaceTime craft session with Kenna). My grandpa spent a week with my family after a tornado badly damaged his house. Joshua and I ended the month by delivering quarantine care packages to several friends (so fun). Health-wise, I had some pretty awful symptom days, but also had some days where I felt pretty energetic thanks to having less on my plate. I also fell and fractured a finger this month, lol. Finally, I wrote and mailed 40+ letters in April and spent hours almost every day at my sunny craft bench with my washi tape!

This month I’m…

Reading: This Too Shall Last, K.J. Ramsey. The Red Pyramid and The Throne of Fire (rereads), Rick Riordan. Bread and Wine, Shauna Niequist. Pride, Ibi Zoboi. The Fire By Night, Teresa Messineo (reread). Penny from Heaven, Jennifer L Holm (reread). Seeing Voices, Olivia Smit. A Time to Die, A Time to Speak, and A Time to Rise, Nadine Brandes (rereads and ugh my faves <3). I Have Lived A Thousand Years, Livia Bitton-Jackson (reread). 12 total. (I love rereading books I own, but I’m to the point where I either need the library to reopen or I need that stimulus check asap.)

Listening to: Rend Collective’s new album. Emma Carey’s “Chill” playlist. Lennon Stella’s new album (especially Jealous). My “cooking in the kitchen late at night” playlist (it’s a very specific vibe). My April playlist: golden thing, Cody Simpson. Daydreams, Maisie Peters. everything i wanted, Billie Eilish. Tattoos Together, Lauv. You & Me, James TW. Song In My Head, Madison Cunningham. Gone Again, Kevin Garrett. I Don’t Want To and I Choose, Alessia Cara. Dancing With Your Ghost, Sasha Sloan. if we never met, John K., Kelsea Ballerini. Teach You – Acoustic, Emily King, Sara Bareilles. Can’t Hold Us, Pentatonix. Hostage, Chris TMV. 25 in Barcelona, JP Saxe. SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC.


Watching: Iron Man 3. Bringing Up Bates. Hamilton: One Shot to Broadway. The Scorch Trials (kind of timely, lol). The Great Gilly Hopkins (re-watch). Katie Mack’s YouTube.

Eating: Some meals went over better than others, lol–but this month I ate small portions of ham sandwiches and barbecue Lays; salmon and rice; canned biscuits; chicken tacos; quesadillas; Cracker Barrel biscuits; banana pudding for Easter; cinnamon sugar donuts (every Sunday morning); Olive Garden breadsticks; and shrimp with rice and green beans. Plus lots of Pedialyte and popsicles!

I also made a fun springtime meal for my family one night: Oven baked chicken breasts, baked Parmesan yellow squash, strawberry kiwi salad, toasted French bread, and “crownies” (cookie/brownie combo shaped like cupcakes–a new family and friend favorite). Here’s a Cook With Me vlog of that meal.

Writing: I started out the month intending to draft my current YA contemporary novel for Camp NaNo (my goal was 20k words). I got in about 6k words before I just got out of the habit of writing… and then I hurt my finger, making typing difficult. So that didn’t happen. But I worked every weekday, obviously (some days I only had two hours of work, but still made a lot of money!) and wrote some random things about chronic illness.

Grateful for: Just everything in this season of life, honestly. New traditions, Amazon Prime, beautiful weather, learning more about God, days when I didn’t have excruciating abdominal pain, snuggling with my kitty and puppy (not at the same time HA), that my grandpa was okay, time to be creative and do things I love.. . Besides a few emotionally hard days with medical stuff, I felt really happy, relaxed, and fulfilled for the majority of this month.

What did you do in April? What are the social distancing guidelines like where you live?

6 thoughts on “April 2020 Monthly Wrap-Up

  1. Loved your vlog! April was a lot of crafting and outside work #yayforspring We had a stay-home order too, but that meant I got things that need done on our property. Outside of the $ aspect, staying home more was a win-win.

    best wishes.


  2. I absolutely love reading your monthly updates! The social distancing guidelines in Australia are beginning to relax as the threat from the virus is slowly disappearing (the state where I live five days a week now has no cases at all!). There’s still no church or big gatherings but two people are allowed to visit a house at once now and families are able to visit each other so that’s really nice!
    I was still able to go to work for half of the month though and started a new job within the job I already had, so that’s been a bit of an anxious learning curve there! Other than that, everything’s been really good. I finally have the hang of Zoom meetings!


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