2019: Books Read + Movies Watched

There’s nothing I love more than looking back at all the stories I consumed over the course of a year! This year I’m going to include movies in this post as well (although I didn’t watch that many, compared to books–in 2020 I plan to watch a lot more movies).

The official stats stacked up like this: In 2019 I read 154 books and watched 35 movies, equaling about 13 books and 3 movies per month or 3 books and 0.5 movies (lol) per week. For context, I read 153 books in 2018 and 135 in 2017–and while I’m not sure how many movies I watched each year, it was probably way less than 35.

Here’s how my reading statistics for 2019 break down!


This year, I read the least books in June and August, when I read 11 books each (due to moving and fun plans, respectively), and the most in July and December, with 18 each (due to sickness and vacation). The first book I read in 2019 was a childhood favorite, The Cricket in Times Square; the last book of the year for me was a YA contemporary called The Whole Thing Together that I finished last night (it wasn’t that great). And if I got this correct, I think the authors I read the most this year were Brigid Kemmerer (5 of her books) and Elizabeth Enright (5 of hers as well).

I mentioned this last year, but I don’t do Goodreads challenges because I want to just enjoy reading and not feel pressured. So I don’t set reading goals–I just read what I want to read. The downside, though, is that I have to compile my own reading data instead of having it done for me. So, after many hours of work, here are some of my reading statistics for 2019.

First up is how many fiction books I read vs nonfiction. Thanks to a client where I reviewed nonfiction books, I fell in LOVE with nonfiction this year, and I read 44 nonfiction books on my own in addition to 116 fiction books. (The 48 books I read for this client are not listed in my total book count in this blog post, because they were for work–but if you did count them, I’ve technically read over 200 books this year.)


I reread 50 books this year and discovered 104 new books, which is awesome. Finding new books to fall in love with is my favorite thing ever–well, except for rereading familiar old favorites.


When you split up the 116 fiction books I read into age ranges, you get 27 children’s books, 14 middle grade stories, 72 young adult books, and three adult novels.


I also enjoy dividing up my yearly reads by genre. Here’s the breakdown–I read the most contemporary books by far, with children’s literature and fantasy not far behind.



When it comes to the 35 movies I watched in 2019, they span 11 genres, which is pretty cool–I enjoy all kinds of films, from action-packed sci-fi movies to cute rom-coms to fascinating documentaries. Nearly all of the action movies are Marvel movies; I was trying to catch up and watch all of the Marvel movies in order, but kind of gave up at some point.


I watched 29 movies at home and 6 movies in the theater this year.


I also watched 21 movies by myself and 14 movies with other people. (No offense to anyone, but I highly prefer watching/going to movies alone!) I included this statistic and the previous one because I think the environment in which you consume a story plays a huge role in your perception of it (this is true for books too, but I obviously always read books alone/at home, haha). It’s about the whole experience–like sitting on the balcony reading a light romance and drinking lemonade on a warm summer evening, or curling up in bed with an epic fantasy while cold rain lashes the window. (My reading/movie tastes definitely fluctuate depending on the season!)


I re-watched 8 movies and discovered 27 new films. (I’ve been trying to fill in the gaps in my cinematic history. For instance, I’m 20 and just watched Jurassic Park and Titanic for the first time this year.)


Finally, there were only two movies that I watched twice this year–Thor: Ragnarok and Mona Lisa Smile. (I highly recommend both.)

2019 was a fantastic year when it comes to books and movies. I’m so grateful for all these amazing stories I consumed and the things they taught me. In 2020, I’m specifically looking forward to continuing with my new passion for nonfiction, and also to watching movies more often!

What were some of your favorite books and movies from 2019?

4 thoughts on “2019: Books Read + Movies Watched

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  2. AHHH Pie charts make me so happy!! Where did you watch the Marvel movies? I need to watch them all too, but can’t find them. I also didn’t watch a ton of movies growing up, and often don’t know what people are referring to when talking about movies, haha!

    (also we need to do a buddy read this month before my semester starts back up!!)


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