Blogmas 2019 Day 25

Christmas 2019! We started opening gifts around 9:00 this morning. I gave my grandpa a mug with a music pun. I gave Joshua a street sign for his room that says Ultimate Blvd (because he loves ultimate Frisbee); a Hamilton calendar with a daily quote; and a Chuckit (for him and Sophie). I gave my mom a pizza pan; a pair of earrings made by the people group we’ve worked with in Colombia; and an outing to a Mexican restaurant and to watch a movie in January. I gave my dad a fill-in What I Love About Dad journal; some bacon popcorn; and the book The Year of Eating Dangerously (I addressed that present to me, too, because Dad doesn’t like to reread books–so after he reads it I’ll just keep it at my house, lol).

Besides the stuff in my stocking (socks, Jellie Bellies, a flashlight, etc.), I received a candle with my cat’s picture on it; an ASL curriculum; a Harry Potter apron and Ravenclaw kitchen towel; a Harry Potter mug; Harry Potter coasters; pearl earrings; and three books I have been dying to reread for years.

I also received money. I spent part of it on a set of twelve pretty magnets; a little gold necklace; Katherine Forster’s book Transformed by Truth: Why and How to Study The Bible For Yourself As A Teen; and a small journal with a Hadestown quote on the front. (All of that for $40 because I also got myself Amazon Prime!)

For lunch we had ham, crescent rolls, sweet potato souffle, baked pineapple, deviled eggs, chicken and dumplings, and pecan and pumpkin pie.


After lunch, we all went outside in the front yard (it was 65 degrees) for a while. I bought a longboard back in early October but didn’t have the extra energy to learn to ride it until today. Joshua and I both learned to ride it within 15 minutes (I taught him everything he knows). We were outside for almost two hours riding the longboard down the street. While it was definitely hard for me with the usual dizziness, high HR, and shortness of breath, it was so much fun; I really miss being outside and being active!


When we came inside I was having a lot of nerve pain, and I showered and took a nap. Around dinnertime I dragged my groggy self out of bed and came home. I felt a lot better after the nap and eating part of my Chili’s leftovers from last night, though, and was able to have a nice evening getting things done around the house and now going to bed with a new book. We’re going to Mississippi for a week on Friday so tomorrow will be spent packing and preparing. Thanks for following along with Blogmas this year and merry Christmas!

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