Blogmas 2019 Day 24

I don’t know what possessed me to stay up until almost midnight last night; it was 11:00 today before I could drag myself out of bed with a headache and heightened nerve pain. I did a few things around the house like practicing voice, researching bullet journals, packing up, etc. and then I went over to my parents’ house.

My grandpa came today, and we’ve never been with him before on Christmas Day, so it’s really exciting! After a couple of hours reading and trying not to fall asleep, I got ready for church. We went to my parents’ church for the second Christmas Eve service. Afterward, we tried to carry out our usual tradition of eating dinner at Krystal’s, but they were actually closed–so we went to Chili’s instead (definitely fine by me).


Now we’re home and I hope to stay awake for all of A Christmas Story, because it’s not Christmas Eve without it!


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