Blogmas 2019 Day 23

I had a nice restful morning finishing Spin the Dawn (which I started last night and LOVED), eating breakfast, cleaning up. I also made this video. I came up with the concept a few months ago but didn’t have the creative energy until now; I absolutely love how it came out.


Early afternoon I went over to the house to hang out. We watched Elf.

I came home around dinnertime; I wanted to work on my novel but was too sleepy, so I was in bed for the evening by 7:30. I picked up a TON of new library books today, but they were mostly nonfiction and YA contemporary books and I was in the mood for something with more action–so I chose a movie tonight instead. I re-watched Maze Runner: The Death Cure, and gosh I just love that movie. It’s definitely the best one in the franchise. And although it’s not meant as an allegory, I saw it in that way tonight–the line “the world is dying” stuck out to me, and then Safe Haven at the end that only some of the characters made it to (which, yes, made me cry a lot).


Other things that happened today: I got my heart monitor off. Hallelujah.


And also, I added more sticky notes to my pantry, where I keep some of my favorite lines from my favorite books.

Check out Blogmas Day 23 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?

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