Blogmas 2019 Day 21

When Christmas vacation comes, my mind flips to one thing: BOOKS. Reading them, writing them, buying them. Last night I finished Queen of Nothing and SCREAMED because it was everything I hoped for. I reread some old pieces of my own. And then I spent too much time on Goodreads, my library’s website, and, yes, also Amazon–where I might have bought $45 worth of books (banking on the assumption I would get Christmas money today, which I did, so it’s all good). Anyway, I’m REALLY FREAKING EXCITED about drowning in books over Christmas vacation.

These are the books I bought:

  • Normally This Would Be Cause For Concern: Tales of Calamity and Unrelenting Awkwardness, Danielle Fishel
  • Traitor to the Throne, Alwyn Hamilton
  • The Library of Lost Things, Laura Taylor Namey
  • Surprised by Oxford: A Memoir, Carolyn Weber
  • Inside Mrs. B’s Classroom: Courage, Hope, and Learning on Chicago’s South Side, Laurie Baldacci
  • Across A Broken Shore, Amy Trueblood

The only one I’ve read before is Traitor to the Throne; all of the others are books that I really want to read and the library doesn’t have.

But enough about last night’s retail therapy. Today we took a day trip, from about 9:00 to 6:00, to Tennessee to see my grandma. It was really exhausting and I was dragging big-time the whole day. We had lunch and visited for a while. Then we drove back home.

Now the restful part of Christmas vacation can begin and I’m so ready. Normally I rest just enough to get me upright for the next thing, but now, I’m SO glad I don’t have plans again until Tuesday night and I can not only rest enough to make my body functional, but can also spend energy doing some fun things I want to do! This evening I managed to eat dinner, and now it’s 7:30 and I’m going to sleep.

Check out Blogmas Day 21 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?

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