Blogmas 2019 Day 13

Boy, am I exhausted. Today was pretty much the same as every other day this week: I didn’t feel well, and I banged out as much work as I could. I was able to wrap up the pieces that were due Monday so that next week I can just focus on everything due later in the week. I think I’m on track work-wise. A client said to me today how awesome it was that my last day of work for the year is the 19th–next Thursday–and I thought, yeah, but I’m killing myself trying to get there! It will be really nice to have two solid weeks off, though.

Midday I came over to the house, because my parents are traveling this weekend and I’m staying with Joshua and Sophie (which means dog pictures instead of cat pictures for you the next few days). It’s kind of ridiculous how much stuff I brought for three nights–clothes, food, books, work stuff, Christmas gifts, medical stuff…

The blurred out part is the bag with Christmas gifts hehe

This evening I wrapped gifts and we watched I Love Lucy. Around 9:30 I finally managed to eat something (which backfired on me) and then we had a huge fiasco with the dog. It’s pouring rain and she didn’t want to go outside, and she made both Joshua and I go out and stand in the rain before she would come too. So I was outside with her in the rain twice, and then both times she came in and did a huge “zoomie” before I could dry her off–I’m not kidding, she did zoomies for a solid thirty minutes and got the furniture and everything wet. But I think we’re finally calmed down and ready for bed. Or at least, I sure am.

This heartwarming scene lasted for about 10 minutes before she showed her true colors and growled at me.

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