Blogmas 2019 Day 12

I wasn’t feeling too well this morning (I was up until 11:30 last night reading Notes From A Young Black Chef and that didn’t help) so I stayed home from tap class. That was disappointing, because I’m switching dance studios after the New Year and today was the last class, but I needed to focus my energy on work. I have 12+ projects to get done for seven clients by next Thursday, and I’m stressing out just a LITTLE. I should have waited until after the New Year to start accepting new clients.

So that’s what I did today: worked. I wrote about Instagram content creation. I wrote about food books that will inspire you to travel. I wrote about chatbots. Then I researched dating apps, and worked on finding company sponsorships for Diamonds, and put away laundry.


I had hoped to go to the house tonight because my family was putting up their Christmas tree, but I did not make it. I was very sleepy, and my legs hurt a lot; I hate to keep missing things but I have to spend my energy on work. The kitty, who was especially snuggly today, and I had a quiet evening at home with a baked potato for dinner (my stomach has not been happy today either) and then reading Heidi.


Also, I feel like it’s important to note that I watched the In the Heights trailer approximately 5679295 times today and got goosebumps every. single. time.

Check out Blogmas Day 12 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?

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