Blogmas 2019 Day 11

Today did not get off to a great start. I woke up nauseous and in some pain; I knew I was due for another GI flare-up and could feel it coming the last few days, but that didn’t make it any better. I was also having issues with a few clients, and I had a few decisions to make that shouldn’t have been hard but they were… but anyway, once I sat with my heating pad for a while and got everything in order, things got better.

In the afternoon I was able to get up and do some cleaning, etc, and get more work done. People keep assigning me more and more work that needs to be done before Christmas and I’m just really stressed about the work volume, lol. I was given four new assignments  and got one new client just today in addition to everything I already have! Partially it’s really nice to be back freelancing full steam, but partially I’m remembering why I said no to all extra or new work for four months…

She takes my spot whenever I get up.

I was finally able to stop working for the day. My friend Kenna came over for dinner–I made hamburger patties, baked potatoes, and fruit. We visited for a couple of hours and it was really nice.


Check out Blogmas Day 11 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?

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