Blogmas 2019 Day 9

I woke up exhausted after some strange dreams about some things happening today that I couldn’t help being stressed about. After some admin work, I interviewed a dietitian over the phone for an article I’m writing; she was really awesome and fun to talk to.

Early afternoon I had an appointment with a new specialist that I’d been waiting for for what felt like a very long time. While the doctor agreed that it’s very likely I have a specific condition I asked her about, the tests they did in-office today didn’t quite prove it (although they came close). So I scheduled two other procedures, plus an appointment with another doctor at this practice who is very knowledgeable about this condition–and I also have a heart monitor for two weeks, which is what I did NOT want because honestly I hate heart monitors more than anything and am way too tired to keep up with all that. At least I can shower with this one.

Chronic illness, but make it cute

At home I tried to get some work done but I was literally falling asleep and was so frustrated with a video tutorial that I wanted to throw my computer out the window. I really needed to just rest physically and emotionally, but I couldn’t because I had stuff due today and had been at the doctor a lot longer than expected. I ended up working until 7 P.M. Then I did some Scripture journaling while listening to Audrey Assad and playing with the kitty, and now she (the kitty, not Audrey Assad) and I are going to bed to read.

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