Blogmas 2019 Day 6

I made a bad decision last night and stayed up until almost midnight reading The Glass Castle cover to cover, so I was dragging this morning. I started the day with some emails, article edits, and scheduling meetings, and then dug into a rush work piece on strategies for building a high-earning freelance writing business. Around 1:00 I took a break to wash my hair. Next, I spent two hours working on research for the dating apps project (while listening to The Nutcracker Suite and eating Jellie Bellies). It feels good to finally have the time to dig back into work in a way I really haven’t since many months ago.

At 3:30 it was time to leave for my voice lesson! Although I sang in choir for years and know a lot about music in general, I’ve never had individual voice training–so when I discovered one of my castmates from the show teaches voice lessons, I decided to start taking biweekly voice lessons with her (she’s awesome). Today was only my second lesson but I’ve already learned so much! My warm-ups felt good but my voice was getting tired when I moved to Burn from Hamilton, the song I’m working on, so we talked about how to stay in my chest voice and not transition. Then I headed out on the 45-minute drive home and listened to Maisie Peters.

At home I made hamburger patties and fries (and set off the smoke alarm, which sent the cat under the bed for the rest of the night) and did some things like write a letter, wrap a gift, put away laundry, etc. Now it’s 7:30, and I’m going to bed for the night with one of my favorite books from when I was younger–The School Story–and then going to sleep early because I am worn out!


Check out Blogmas Day 6 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?

8 thoughts on “Blogmas 2019 Day 6

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      1. S. G. Willoughby

        Aw. I’ve been wanting to reread it. The first time I read it was before I ever seriously dreamed of being an author or even doing something real with my writing.

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