Blogmas 2019 Day 5

I got my Spotify Wrapped this morning (just like everyone else you follow on Instagram). Mine is a little weird because I make a playlist for every month with a bunch of random songs–so I listen to a really wide variety of artists (I discovered 391 new artists this year, apparently) and I feel like my Wrapped isn’t really the best representation of the music that defined my year. But according to Spotify, in 2019 I basically listened to Alessia Cara (no surprise there) and various songs for the show the most (the song I auditioned with, When You’re An Addams, etc). Shawn Mendes was my “artist of the decade,” but I’ve only had Spotify since 2016 and have only used it daily since this year/late last year, so that’s not super accurate.

I slept hard last night and had tap class this morning. It was physically hard, but great to see everyone; we took several of our dances and did the choreography to various Christmas songs. At home I took some time to shower, eat, and watch the DVD of the show that I picked up today.

Then the kitty and I got on the couch for several hours of work: writing an article on cute Swiss towns (all of which I need to visit asap), writing a blog post on human Christmas gifts that are dangerous to pets (i.e. Legos), and prepping some stuff for a video tutorial I have to film tomorrow (I always complain about those and then end up enjoying them). I was given a couple of assignments from new clients today, which is exciting because I’m just now accepting new clients again after several months where I’d pulled back (and one of these new clients is a personal win/pays very well/interesting work). But it’s also stressful–I have some big projects due December 20th but I can’t really work on them yet because I have other smaller projects due every day.

At 6:00 I stopped working and kind of just laid on the couch and vegged out with my phone for a while. Then I made myself get up and practice voice (apparently the cat didn’t like my warm-ups, lol), although that devolved into just singing Favourite Ex and other Maisie Peters songs instead of working on what I’m actually supposed to be working on. I had half a ham sandwich at 8:30 and then fell into bed with a book.

Check out Blogmas Day 5 2018, 2017, and 2016. What did you do today?





3 thoughts on “Blogmas 2019 Day 5

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  2. You and your cat are adorable. ❤ Also, that is so cool that you got a DVD of the show! =D
    Yesterday my family went to a walkthrough nativity, and that was pretty awesome. Today I'm helping decorate cookies for a party. =D

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