Blogmas 2019 Day 2

A cold and windy Monday! I was exhausted/headache-y/nauseous this morning and didn’t drag myself out of bed until 10:30; when I did, I immediately sat down to finish a blog post for an Instagram growth service that was due today. Around noon I ordered groceries, ate some eggs with dairy-free cheese and French bread (apparently that’s the only thing I can stomach right now lol), and took a shower.

After lunch I got in about three solid hours of work. It was a lot of research-heavy, really frustrating stuff (although I did nail a marketing automation video tutorial in one take which was exciting). So I was glad to stop working at four when my mom picked me up to go shopping for Christmas decorations with my friend Kenna and her mom!

First we went to Hobby Lobby, where I got decorations for my apartment; some paper goods and gifts for a party I’m having Wednesday; mugs because I don’t have any Christmas mugs; a stocking and toys for the cat; and tins for when I make cookies for people. All of the Christmas stuff was 50 percent off and I saved $80!


Then we went to Target. I got a couple more things for the gift exchange at the party plus a yellow sweater, because Sunday night I’d suddenly been seized with an urgent desire to own a yellow sweater. *shrugs*


Finally, we went to Chili’s and visited for a couple of hours about homeschooling, dairy-free recipes, cats, and chronic illness.


We had a really nice time! I was super drowsy all night and went right to bed when I got home at 8:30.

Check out Blogmas Day 2 2018, Blogmas Day 2 2017, and Blogmas Day 2 2016. What did you do today?




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