What I Spend In A Week

Several months ago, YouTuber Monica Church did a video titled Tracking My Finances For A Week (Day One). It was pretty interesting to watch (although I was also appalled at how much money she spent, lol–$186 in just one day). So this week (August 4th through August 10th) I thought I’d do something similar in the form of a blog post! My guess is that I’ll be way under Monica’s daily amount of $186 for my whole week since I paid my rent and other bills last week, but we’ll see! Here’s how much money I spend, plus how I spend it, in an average week.

Sunday Total: $3.99

I rented Baby Driver on Amazon and re-watched it. (It’s so good.) Other than that, it was a quiet day for my wallet.


Monday Total: $27.22

On my walk to get the mail, I had a stroke of inspiration and decided I needed a doormat, so I immediately came back up and started shopping for one. After way too much time browsing Harry Potter doormats on Etsy (#procrastination), I ended up buying a doormat from JCPenney that says “There’s no place like home” in script. It was on sale and ended up being $27.22 with shipping (it came just three days later and is super cute).

(I would have also paid $25 for counseling on Monday, but I canceled my appointment because I played too hard over the weekend and needed a quiet day at home to rest and recover.)


Tuesday Total: $80.96

I got gas, which cost $25.98. Working from home is great–sometimes I only have to get gas once a month!

I also picked up a grocery order from Walmart, which cost $54.98. The amount of money I spend on groceries fluctuates a lot. Some weeks I struggle to hit $30 (the minimum required for a Walmart pickup grocery order); other weeks, like this one, it’s near $60. I don’t worry too much if the number gets high. My grocery order includes not only food but household items (i.e. cat litter and toothpaste). And I don’t mind paying extra for pre-prepared food  (i.e. sliced fruit and cooked bacon) because I often don’t have enough energy to cook, so buying pre-prepped food ensures I’ll actually eat. Plus, I will often go weeks without eating out–so all of that to say, I don’t really worry about setting a strict budget for groceries. I just buy the food I want.

Eggs, dairy-free ice cream, bagels, Tostitos, toothpaste, frozen waffles, cat litter, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, bananas, cantaloupe, frozen broccoli, hamburger patties, frozen french fries, and pre-cooked bacon.

Wednesday Total: $7.00

I went with my mom, the two-year-old she keeps, and some friends to a local waterpark and had to pay $7 admission.

Thursday Total: $25.00

I had a $25 co-pay for a doctor’s appointment (where I was officially diagnosed as lactose intolerant). Other than that, I didn’t spend any money on Thursday. During tap dance class, an employee at the rec center came and pulled me out of class to explain to me my options for purchasing a pass so I could practice alone in the dance studio, but I decided not to buy a pass; I’d only be allowed to practice like that until we get new floors in the studio at Thanksgiving, and I’d have to pay every time I go, so I’ll just keep practicing in my parents’ kitchen for free.


Friday Total: $0

I didn’t spend any money on Friday.

Saturday Total: $0

I didn’t spend any money on Saturday.

Total for the Week: $144.17

All in all, I spent about $145 this week. Over $100 of that money was spent on things I had to pay for–life expenses like groceries, gas for my car, and the doctor. The other $40 was on fun stuff; mainly the doormat (an abnormal purchase, haha), and then also a movie and admission to the waterpark. This was a pretty average week-in-the-life spending-wise for me. It was a really fun week. And my favorite thing I spent money on this week is my cute new doormat!

What do you spend your money on the most?









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