Blogmas 2018 Day 6

This morning was filled with answering emails, signing contracts, communicating with interview sources, and putting the finishing touches on the thyroid medication blog post.

At 11:00 I had a good meeting with the growth manager of the corporate e-learning company I write video scripts for. Moving into 2019, they’re looking into the possibility of me expanding into helping with their content marketing strategy as well, so we discussed what that would look like. It was exciting.

Joshua and I went next door and puppy-sat and then I did a 30-minute leg workout while listening to my “training motivation” playlist. Normally working out makes my health problems worse, but I love working out. So instead of doing intense training 6 days a week like I did in high school, I now try to do non-cardio-based easy but effective workouts about 3 days a week or whenever I feel halfway decent.

Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.

Nothing can stop you if you don’t stop for anything.

Have the discipline to say no when others around you choose to be average. 

After lunch I finished a 3,000-word blog post for Lyfe Marketing on strategies for online lead generation. I also tried not to freak out about how many people I had to get back to (seriously, I can’t get any actual work done because I’m so busy answering emails).

On Thursdays I go to the library to get books and then I pick up the little girls next door from school (I can read my new books in car line… it’s a great system). Today I babysat them for around an hour and then came home, where I spend thirty minutes answering emails and making invoices and then an hour or so applying to jobs. I ended the day with a few episodes of Boy Meets World season 2 after dinner and then went to bed at nine.

When he and Cory do their signature best friend handshake. | Community Post: 37 Times Shawn Hunter From "Boy Meets World" Was A Total Dreamboat

Here’s what I did two years ago today and one year ago today. What did you do today?

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