Blogmas 2018 Day 3

Today was a pretty good example of an average work day for me. There was a lot of finishing projects I didn’t have time for when I went out of town last week, and a lot of seeking out interview sources for magazine features I’m doing this week/month. Most days I map out my work by the hour, and here’s what today looked like:

9:00 — wrote an email newsletter on fibromyalgia

10:00 — edits on a “what writers can learn from J.K. Rowling” piece I’m doing for Craft Your Content

10:30 — late breakfast because I was too nauseous to eat when I first woke up

11:00 — worked on a blog post for Lyfe Marketing on online lead generation

12:00 — worked out (this video that targeted biceps and shoulders, some extra push-ups for good measure, and stretching) and took a shower

1:00 — tracked down some interview sources for softball + education features that are due this Wed.

1:30 — finished a blog post on softshell vs. hardshell jackets for Territory Supply

2:50 — after a snack break, brainstormed interview questions for someone I’m interviewing this week for a magazine feature

3:30 — applied to a few jobs/pitched magazines

4:30 — brainstormed and found/contacted interview sources for a magazine feature about pet insurance

5:30 — wrote the Editor’s Note for the January issue of Georgia Family Magazine, where I’m the associate editor, and attempted to clear out all the random stuff in my inbox

After dinner (oven baked tacos, carrots, fudge), I published an interview with Sara on THC (complete with an exciting announcement!), worked on a Christmas project, read dog tweets to my mom, and laughed at this until I cried before going to bed with a book at 9:00.

Thoughts Of Dog Is One Of The Funniest Twitter Pages Ever – 13 Pics

Funny Sophie stories from today: our neighbors across the street put up Christmas balloons, and she keeps barking at them (this isn’t actually funny, it’s annoying) (SPEAKING OF NEIGHBORS, I just learned I get to puppy sit tomorrow!!). And she stole a piece of lemon peel from the trash can, but the joke was on her when she realized what it was; she HATES lemons and ended up dropping it and just kind of glaring at it.

Here’s what I did two years ago today and one year ago today. What did you do today?



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