July 2018 Monthly Wrap-Up

This wasn’t a super great month… it was kind of lonely and stressful and missing a lot of things. We started out the month with a fun 4th of July swimming, eating, and doing sparklers at our friends’ house; then we went to see my grandpa, uncles, aunt, and cousin in Mississippi for a long weekend, which was so fun. We visited my grandpa in Tennessee the following weekend. I “tutored” at a local elementary school once a week, fell in love with a new coffee shop, and Cari dragged me to Ulta for the first and last time. I went swimming at the lake with Hannah, had dinner at the lake with Brooke N, we went to the aquatic center with the kids my mom keeps, and we saw Newsies in theaters with a friend for the third time. I also had car problems and camera problems, which were not fun.

This month I’m…

Reading: The Story, Randee Fraze (a friend and I read a chapter a day). Bonanza Girl, Patricia Beatty (reread). White Sands, Red Menace, Ellen Klages (reread). The Queen’s Rising, Becca Ross. The Fire by Night, Teresa Messineo (reread). Failing Up, Leslie Odom Jr. Sounds Like Me, Sara Bareilles. The Map of Salt and Stars, Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar. High Heat, Carl Deuker (reread). Shadow of the Mountain, Margi Preus (reread). Night Hoops, Carl Deuker (reread). Heart of a Champion, Carl Deuker (reread). I’ll Never Change My Name, Valentin Chmerkovskiy. Fawkes, Nadine Brandes. Lily’s Crossing, Patricia Reilly Giff. 15 total.

Music: The Things I Didn’t Say, Adeline hill. Finding Neverland Broadway cast album. In My Dreams, Anastasia. B-a-b-y, Carla Thomas. Debora, T. Rex. Tequila, Baby Driver. Easy, Sky Ferreira. 25, Red Rocks Worship. Believer, Imagine Dragons.

Watching: Born to Be Wild documentary. Hillsong’s Let Hope Rise documentary. The BFG. Divergent. David Lopez videos. Paige Lowary: Unmasked. Jeopardy. World of Dance. Realities Of A Cross Country Team on the US-Mexico Border.

Writing: For the freelance writing course I’m in, we focused on our inbound marketing this month–namely, fixing up our websites and LinkedIn. You can check out my professional writer website here! For Georgia Family Magazine, I proofread the August issue and wrote seven localized articles on topics ranging from how kids’ vision affects their learning to how our society glorifies busyness to why martial arts is a great activity. I did some work for my new marketing client and learned a lot.

I applied to 99 short- or long-term freelance jobs (haha, I discovered the life hack to actually getting good clients on Upwork and got carried away… but, I spent lots of time talking with potential clients! I had lots of phone meetings and writing assessments/samples this month, and can’t wait to see how all these leads play out).

I had a devotional published here, another one published here, and an article on creative networking methods for writers published here. Besides finishing a short story for a contest my publisher was holding and submitting three other stories to publications, I didn’t have the creative energy to write any fiction this month, and I really missed it.

Loving: Our Children’s Busyness Is Not A Badge of Honour by Tracy (Raised Good). Finding Your Self Behind the Illness by Callie (guest post at A Chronic Voice). Q&A with authors Teresa Messineo and Lauren Willig (Book Club Girl). You Didn’t Date? by Mrs. Zwemke (A Little Kernel). The Day I (Nearly) Died by Kenzie (Smudged Thoughts).

I blogged twice this month: EXCLUSIVE COVER REVEAL: He’s Making Diamonds! and He’s Making Diamonds: What You Need to Know About Author S.G. Willoughby. I also blogged twice at THC: K.A. Emmons: Hardworking Creative and Painless Ways to Network (Also: Things Are Changing).

Grateful for: Blackout poetry in old books. My aunt’s homemade coconut ice cream. Receiving a Target gift card from someone literally five minutes after telling a friend that I wished I had money to buy rings at Target. Reliving my childhood by playing games on AmericanGirl.com. Friends’ dads who will fix my car in their driveway at nine PM.

What did you do this month? Tomorrow I’m flying to Alaska!!








5 thoughts on “July 2018 Monthly Wrap-Up

  1. I’m sorry you had car and camera troubles, Hailey! I wish I was productive as you– ninety-nine applied job applications is an incredible feat! And have fun in Alaska– I hope you have as much of a fun time exploring all of its nature-filled glory as I do living here! Whoo!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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  2. Good luck with the freelance work. I run a consultancy firm and grafted for years so I know what it’s like invest lots of time. But it completely paid for so glad I hung on!

    Best thing in July? Visiting Highclere Castle which was used to film Downton Abbey. We had high tea there and it was amazing! Included it in my monthly update blog today as it’ll be something I’ll always treasure

    Happy August xx

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