Blogmas 2017 Day 23

This morning I finished up the Christmas project I started last night, and now I’m completely ready for Monday!

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We’ve almost taught Sophie this month to get excited and run to the fireplace when we say “Santa.” This morning my mom was trying to take her on a walk, but Sophie was so excited-slash-obnoxious that she kept biting my mom’s shoelaces and untying them.

Today’s workout was a short resistance band video and then a quick kettlebell circuit of my own planning, making sure to focus on low reps and low cardio–it went far better than yesterday’s. Then I got sidetracked with some old choir music.


After lunch I sent a LOI to a healthcare marketing company, painted a Christmas tree cutting and took a cute Christmas picture for Instagram, tried to learn how to use my new curling iron, and finally made myself do laundry so my brother and I could watch a TV show highlighting the MLB best plays of the year. Also, we had a Harry and David’s box delivered (from my grandpa) with all kinds of cute cookies!

We went out to look at Christmas lights in various neighborhoods after dinner. We thought we were doing something nice by letting Sophie come with us instead of leaving her home alone, but she sat there trembling for an hour and then threw up three times. So it wasn’t nice for any of us.

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I’ve been thinking about majors and school today. My plan recently has been to get my associate’s degree in sports management within the next year or two (online, so I can keep writing and making money). However, now I’m rethinking that. Although it wouldn’t hurt, I don’t really need a degree to coach softball… and I’ve already established that I don’t need a writing degree to write. So now I’m considering getting an associate’s in marketing or something. It would be a good skill to pair with my writing experience. Spanish is still an option, too; there are always jobs open for people who speak Spanish. I know I want to write and have a ministry through softball, I just don’t know what degree would help me do both of those things to the fullest and make money! And I have so many interests that I can’t narrow it down. Oh well, we will see what happens.

Tomorrow is the best day of the year!

Here’s what I did last year on December 23rd. What did you do today?

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