Blogmas 2017 Day 6 (surprising my friend)

This morning I had planned to jump up and get in a hard workout first thing, but… who was I kidding? I woke up extremely sleepy and exhausted, and then I found I’d been hired for a voiceover job, so that became my first priority. The script was in both English and Spanish, so that was super fun, and I really needed the money right now. I recorded the job, applied to some freelance writing jobs, talked to a friend on the phone, and did the workout below (and died because I can’t breathe).


Then I met my friend Cari at Home Depot for a photo shoot in the Christmas tree lot; sadly, it was closed, and we had to take subpar pictures in Walmart. But it was okay, because I also had a BIG surprise for her. More Love Letters is an organization where deserving individuals are nominated by their friends to receive encouraging letters from strangers. I nominated Cari a month or two ago because she is so good at helping others, but right now she could use some help as well. MLL selected her, and hundreds of strangers from around the world sent letters to my house during November. When I put all the letters in a box last night and weighed them, it was ten pounds. I’ve written letters to people for years through this organization, but being on the other end of things was really fun and special.


I spent the afternoon reviewing choreo, applying to more freelance writing jobs, playing with one of Joshua’s Christmas presents while he was gone (lol), and singing Hamilton karaoke (Eliza is pretty good for my range, apparently–sang Who Lives, Who Dies about eleven times). Then Joshua and I picked up a friend (and met his ADORABLE new puppy!!) and headed to church. We had drama rehearsal tonight, focusing on the last few scenes. A few people in particular really did not know their lines, and this thing is next week…

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
feat the sound board that I’m slowly learning how to run + my messy choreography notes 

Tonight didn’t end so great. Not sure I’ve talked about this much here and not sure I will talk about it much, but last year my life fell apart, and as I worked through things there were also several other issues that came up that have been buried for years and that I am now dealing with–and not always dealing with well. However, I also found out tonight that the editor I sent the wrong draft of an important article to earlier this week received the final article and accepted it, and I’m very relieved because I put a heck ton of work into that article and was afraid one stupid mistake would cost me all of it.

Here’s what I did last year on December 6th. What did you today?

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