Blogmas 2017 Day 1 (Blairsville book selling)

Surprise! I’m here after all. Today was definitely exhausting, but I managed to type up my thoughts into my phone on the way home. So here’s a quick rundown of how my first day at the Blairsville Holiday Stop & Shop went.

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First: a long, sleepy, foggy drive through the mountains. Then my mom and brother and I set up my table and waited for people to begin arriving. The event was technically from 11-7, but we arrived at 9.

I really enjoyed meeting all the different vendors. The lady across from me had homemade quilts (she made eight THIS WEEK), another lady was making amazing grilled cheeses and salmon and passing them out all day, and the lady to my left was selling all kinds of amazing dip (like cheesecake dip with vanilla wafers to go in it). This was an especially good booth to be next to because of the free samples all day. I enjoyed talking with the Neely family; they have ten kids, sell all kinds of neat products, and played lovely harp and violin music for us all day long. They are so kind and so talented–go check out them out! On my right were two younger girls with a small booth, and we spent a lot of time together throughout the day.

I tried so many different tactics and nothing worked; for every one person who stopped and acted interested and maybe entered the giveaway I’m running for a Starbucks gift card, ten to twenty more walked by and didn’t do a thing. I thought the point of my booth was evident, but people kept asking what I was selling or if I was Hailey or who wrote the book. So I plan to implement a few changes tomorrow. I didn’t sell any books or even any bookmarks today. That means tomorrow I really need to ramp it up, because I have invested a LOT of money in this festival. 

Summary of Friday: It was really slow all day today and I sold nothing, which makes me a little worried. But, I enjoyed meeting lots of nice people–and although I definitely felt sick and exhausted, I didn’t feel quite as bad as I had thought I might. Tomorrow morning it will probably hit me.

So that’s what I did today. If you’re local, come by the Blairsville Civic Center tomorrow anytime from 11-7 and join in the fun!


Here’s what I did last year on December 1st. What did you do today?

7 thoughts on “Blogmas 2017 Day 1 (Blairsville book selling)

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  5. Aww. I hope Dec 2nd will be better. It can be so frustrating, but just keep going. I was at school on Dec 1st. and I watched 1996 Romeo and Juliet, which was a very interesting aspect of SHakespeare and a different experience o pared to reading it. I also met a new friend who gave me a list of books and films to watch in French, I’m studying that along with Spanish, Mandarin and Latin!

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  6. I did a market stall once a few months ago, selling skirts, and it was super discouraging. So, um, I gave up. Please don’t give up! if I lived near you I’d definitely come down and buy your book, but unfortunately there’s a lot of water and land between us, so I can’t really, but I will be praying for you. 😀 I hope tomorrow goes better for you. 😀

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