November: Month in Review

The month started with a little bit (okay, well, a lot) of backsliding because the enemy knows I am free. I will cling to my freedom and not give in.

Beyond that, there was so much crazy exciting fun stuff this month. How did I cram it all in? I don’t even know. We had lots of drama practices, and I worked at my nonprofit only seven days because of Thanksgiving and because of my crazy life. I went to writing group; babysat three of my favorite littles at the park; and had a weekend alone with Joshua and Sophie that involved movies, Heath bar pan cookies, arts and crafts Christmas festivals, and eating out with friends after church. I helped my friend Brooke N with a fun project for her film class. My wonderful friend Emma came to stay for two nights, and Hannah came to stay for one night; we went to Brasstown Bald, played cards, ate cake, and went to church. I am so so thankful for them–Emma and Hannah are fantastic friends!!! We went to our old co-op’s cotillion. I planned Friendsgiving for half a dozen of my brother’s and my friends. We went to breakfast with friends we haven’t seen in a while, and then went on a family bike trip. I took three younger girls from church out for a day of pizza, feeding the ducks, and Dairy Queen. My friend Anna turned 17 and a few of us surprised her at Provino’s. I had a photoshoot with my friend Laura. My family went to TN for two days for Thanksgiving. My dad and I went to hear my cousin play (check out his CD) and visited with my aunt. All of this plus normal everyday stuff like haircuts, oil changes, and working in nursery made for a very full month.




This month I’m…

Reading: Under a Painted Sky, Stacey Lee (reread). Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, J.K. Rowling (reread). The War I Finally Won, Kimberly Brubaker Bradley. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling (reread). Capital Gaines: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff, Chip Gaines. Outcasts United, Warren St. John (reread). The Essential Guide to Freelance Writing, Zachary Petit. Courage to Soar, Simone Biles (reread). A Dream So Big, Steve Peifer (reread). 10 total.

Watching: Nim’s Island. Mary Poppins. The Voyage on the Dawn Treader. Ben Fankhauser on the Tyler Mount vlog, Kara Lindsay on Live at Five, old interviews of my favorite gymnasts, and other randoms. Describing Car Problems to the Mechanic Like by John Crist (my mom told me to tell the mechanic that my brakes sound like liquid bubbling in a mad scientist’s laboratory–“actually, no, tell them that it sounds like voices. Voices coming from your brakes”–and this was all I could think of). Julia Robertson’s 2016 Vlogmas. 

Listening to: Death was Arrested, North Point InsideOut. Daydream, Jillian Edwards. L’Chaim, Fiddler on the Roof. And a ton of Hamilton: Dear Theodosia. One Last Time. Take A Break. It’s Quiet Uptown. Wait For It.

Writing: My writing career really exploded this month–which was great, except I have low energy and many other commitments. The last two weeks of November were incredibly stressful as I was completely slammed with writing. I submitted fiction to 11 magazines/contests, one of which required writing something new; pitched article ideas to seven individual magazines; and applied to 21 freelance jobs. I wrote a ten-page fitness ebook for a client, and got to interview one of my favorite athletes (Morgan Hurd) to write a piece about homeschooling and sports that was due 24 hours post-interview (I love Morgan and am so excited that she will forever be my first official interview!). I was published several places: Dare to Hope; Next Generation Focus: Power to Dream; Candy Cane Christmas; and 4 tried and true tips for enjoying the season (co-written). Also, the organization that published my book is sponsoring a bestseller contest–read more here–and if you buy my book, you can get a great Christmas gift, help me win cool prizes, and donate to the illiteracy crisis!

Loving: Kate A., Modern Witnesses. Change by Olivia (summer of 1999). Getting Outside of Ourselves, Revised by Grace (Tizzie’s Tidbits). la reyna by Addy (down by the willows).

I blogged three times this month: Story Shares Bestseller Contest: How YOU Can Help!, Lessons Learned in Three Months of Tutoring Kids at a Nonprofit, and November: Goodness (Fruit of the Spirit project, Month #6)

Grateful for: Amazing fall leaves, finally. The Scripture Typer app that a friend recommended to me–I’ve learned so many Bible passages this month. The chance to dance Marie’s Wedding again (fave swing dance ever) and to do it with my two “brothers”–I was grinning ear to ear. A stranger made me a paper flower. Getting a TON of letters (like, 25 each day–more on this later) and opening them every night. Eating the most amazing meal at Ruby Tuesday on Thanksgiving night after a long, hungry day.


What fun things did you do in November? Stay tuned, because tomorrow Blogmas 2017 will begin!! 

3 thoughts on “November: Month in Review

  1. AMEN!!!! to the first line of this post!! The enemy does know that you are free … keep clinging on to the goodness of God! This is something that is so real to me right now and your first sentence was such a “YES” moment for me. 🙂 Your November sounds crazy! I hope in the Christmas season you find some rest!

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  2. Wow, that’s a lot! But so cool that you’ve been able to turn freelance writing into a career. Yesss ScriptureTyper is the best! I use it so much. Also I’m really curious why your Thanksgiving was hungry… that sounds like a story. =P

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    1. Haha, we spent the day in the rehab center with my grandma… they had already had their Thanksgiving dinner the week before for some reason, and the normal food there is, um, really not that great. 😛


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