Story Shares Bestseller Contest: How YOU Can Help!

Do you need to buy a Christmas gift for someone on your list? Do you want to help me win cool prizes? Do you want to donate to a good cause? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions–or even if you didn’t–then I’ve got good news for you. Keep reading, and I’ll explain!


This summer, an organization called Story Shares published my debut book, Hope is the Thing with Feathers, in addition to a handful of other books. Beginning today, Story Shares is sponsoring a bestseller contest for all of its print authors. The contest will run through December 30th, and since I’m one of those obnoxiously competitive people, I’m determined to win–but I need your help. It’s not just about me, though; you can benefit from this contest too, and I’m about to break down how.

1. You can get a fantastic Christmas gift for someone.

My book is an easy read historical fiction piece, and it’s geared towards ages 12+. Kids will love it, teenagers will love it, adults will love it. It’s perfect for practically anyone–history buffs, avid readers, and even those reluctant to pick up a book will all enjoy this story. While you’re grabbing copies for your friend group, entire extended family, and sundry acquaintances like the mailman and grocery store clerk, get a copy (or two) for yourself as well.

Graphic below: the overarching theme of Hope is the Thing with Feathers is that of Hope even through suffering and death. Hope is what Christmas is all about–so what could make a better gift?


2. You can help me win cool prizes.

I think we already talked about my intense competitiveness. I was raring to win this contest even before I knew what the prizes were. But now that I’ve seen them–y’all. PLEASE order copies of my book. You have no idea how much I am DYINGGGG to have a freaking movie trailer made of MY BOOK (which will only happen if I sell 250 copies, so… get on it).


3. Part of the proceeds from each book sold will help alleviate the nationwide literacy crisis.

Illiteracy is more of a problem than you might think. I’ve experienced it firsthand this fall at the nonprofit where I tutor, but seeing the graphics below from Story Shares–a nonprofit that does a great job getting high-interest stories into the hands of low-interest readers–really opened my eyes even more.




So, if you want to get a great Christmas gift, help me win, and help kids all over America learn to read–because I don’t know who wouldn’t–click RIGHT HERE to snag a few copies of my book and my everlasting gratitude. If you’re not 100% convinced yet, you can also click here to read a review of my book. I’ll be sharing more updates on this contest throughout December, so stay tuned. Also, please share this blog post on your social media channels and tell all your friends and family. I appreciate my faithful blog readers/supporters so much, and let’s spread the love!

One last note–if you’re local, I’ll be at the Blairsville Holiday Stop and Shop December 1st-2nd selling my book + some other fun merch. It would be a super fun way to grab your copies of my book, so come out and say hi!

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