Big Sister Camp 2017 (Cheap, Fun Summer Outings)

This year was Joshua’s and my tenth annual Big Sister Camp (commonly known around our house as BSC). We’ve done this several different ways throughout the years; at first we’d take one week out of the summer and fill every day with fun activities (stuffed into an extremely detailed schedule–as in, “8:55-9:00: walk to the backyard for the next activity” kind of detailed–that I would labor over for weeks beforehand). Last year, we did one activity every day. This year, BSC was one day each week. If you’re looking for fun ideas of things to do with siblings or friends that won’t break the bank, keep reading, because I’m very happy with how both the fun factor and the $$ of our summer turned out!

BSC Day 1: June 2nd

It was National Donut Day, so we kicked things off by going to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. Then we came home and played Yahtzee. Total cost: $5.

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BSC Day 2: June 8th

We made KitKat cookies and then laid on Joshua’s bed with the puppy (whom we actually got on day 1 of BSC!) and watched an I Love Lucy on YouTube. Total cost: free.

BSC Day 3: June 15th

Water day! We played with water balloons in the yard, sprayed each other with the hose, and then went to the pool. Total cost: free.

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BSC Day 4: June 30th

We went to Panera with just the two of us on the way home from somewhere, but because Joshua hates Panera (how could anyone hate Panera?), this probably doesn’t count because BSC activities have to be something that we’ll both enjoy. Anyway, we then watched a Destination Truth, blew bubbles for the dog to chase, did Pop-Its, and made pan cookies. We were going to go outside and stargaze, but it was too cloudy. Total cost: $3 (I had a gift card to Panera).

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BSC Day 5: July 6th

A carnival randomly appeared in the parking lot of the outlet mall near our house, so obviously, we went to it! We only rode one ride because it was so expensive, and also because Joshua was looking pretty green near the end of it. He was like a walking Nike ad that day (he is every day, honestly), so we went in the UnderArmour store just to spite them. Then we went to Culver’s and got custard. Total cost: $13.

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BSC Day 6: July 15th

Around this time I found out about the new worldwide trend: people paint rocks (often with an inspiring or encouraging message) and then hide them out in public for others to find. When you find a rock, you can post a picture to my county’s Facebook page; then you can either keep the rock or re-hide it. Joshua and I painted several rocks and then drove around hiding them–we even found a rock while we were out. I love this project so much that I’ve painted and hidden many rocks since then. Total cost: $15.


BSC Day 7: July 18th

A restaurant near us had recently been voted to have the best cinnamon rolls in our county, so we went to try them out. Then we went swimming, although it wasn’t very successful because I swear that cinnamon roll weighed three pounds and I couldn’t float if I tried. (I really regretted breakfast–I spent the afternoon sleeping off a huge headache.) Total cost: $15.

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BSC Day 8: July 27th-28th

This was spread over two days: I bought us fro-yo on the way back from somewhere, and then the next morning we went to the batting cages (which is something we do multiple times a week, but whatever). Total cost: $7.

BSC Day 9: August 9th

The grand finale: one of our favorite-ever musicals, Newsies, was in theaters again (click here for a post I wrote about Newsies back in February), so obviously we HAD to go see it. We stopped by Great American Cookie, hid some rocks, and then obsessively fangirled over Ben Cook’s dancing and Kara Lindsay’s general flawlessness and Jeremy Jordan’s adorkable-ness and complete lack of dancing skills. (But who needs to dance when you can sing like him??) Total cost: $20 (for me–we each paid for our own ticket).

Today’s headline: bagel puppy is the new King of New York.

An entire summer of fun for just $80? Um, yes please! I’m all about saving money, and I accomplished that this summer (wellll… at least in the way of BSC, haha) and we still had a ton of fun. Win-win. Hopefully this post inspired you to go do something fun with your siblings!

What are your favorite cheap and fun summer activities?


10 thoughts on “Big Sister Camp 2017 (Cheap, Fun Summer Outings)

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  2. There’s a place called Great American Cookie???? How have I never heard of this? You got to see Newsies again; I completely forgot they were back in theaters. 😥 Thank you for showing how to have fun without having to spend a ton of money!!!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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