July: Month in Review

At the beginning of this month, I said it was going to be a month of insanely hard workouts and lots and lots of writing–and it did not disappoint! (Well, at least not until the middle of the month, when my health took a huge nosedive. But after returning to a strict diet, things got a little better.) Let’s recap!

The month kicked off with lots of Independence Day festivities: a party at my friend Laura’s house, an evening at the fairgrounds to see fireworks with all of our church friends, and my dad and I visited a Hindu temple near our house on the 4th (that’s a whole separate blog post). We went to a state park with our friends Mrs. Donna and Leah and then hung out at their house; I spontaneously went to Dahlonega one afternoon and had a photoshoot with my friends Brooke and Cari; and I went to Cleveland for the day with my friends Anna and Lydia. I hung out at the batting cages with some friends who play baseball, we had a church picnic + softball game, our friends Mrs. Misty and Thomas came over to swim, and I had lunch at Panera with my friend Andrea (whom I haven’t seen in a year because she went to college in Texas!). We went to a wildlife preserve and to the aquatic center with the kids my mom keeps. I met my friend Brooke N at Panera to work on our NaNo novels, and my friends Cari and Jesse and I went to a Hillsong Young & Free concert (I way overestimated my physical abilities here, but HILLSONG UNITED RANDOMLY SHOWED UP TOO I WAS THIRTY FEET FROM TAYA SMITH so who cares) and then Cari slept over. That looks like a lot, but it was interspersed with lazy mornings in bed with the puppy and long light evenings reading on the couch and laughing with my family. I was also so SO excited to get a new camera this month; I took photography classes in middle school and loved it, but I didn’t have time to pursue photography during high school, so I’m looking forward to doing so this year with my beautiful Canon Rebel T6. (Seriously, I’m in love with it.)




This month I’m…

Reading: Eight Cousins, Louisa May Alcott. The Stranger in the Woods, Michael Finkel. The Moonflower Vine, Jetta Carleton. Jack and Jill, Louisa May Alcott. When Nobody Was Watching: My Hard-Fought Journey to the Top of the Soccer World, Carli Lloyd. Taking Flight, Michaela DePrince. Running for my Life, Lopez Lomong (reread). Game Seven, Paul Volponi. Love Does, Bob Goff (so good). Sports Psychology for Youth Coaches, Ronald E. Smith. The Boy on the Wooden Box, Leon Leyson.

Listening to (I’M VERY VERY PROUD OF MY SUMMER PLAYLIST SO YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY LOOK UP ALL OF THESE SONGS, especially the first three because they’re absolute gold): Young Forever, High Valley. Celeste, Ezra Vine. Live While we’re Young, Johnnyswim. Thank God for the Summertime, Ben Rector. Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen (no shame). Dumb, Sean Kingston (Disney throwback tunes for the win amirite). Every Little Thing, Louisa Wendorff. American Beauty, Drew Holcomb. Falling for You, Johnnyswim. Dancing in the Dawn, Tossing Copper. Band of Gold, The Gray Havens. Fireflies, Colin and Caroline. Good Company, Jake Owen. Flowers in Your Hair, the Lumineers. Ends of the Earth, Lord Huron. Never Come Back Again, Austin Plaine. Saints out of Sailors, Flannel Graph. I Like You, Ben Rector. SO MANY GOOD TUNES. This was an A+++ month for music.

Watching: Bringing up Bates. A message to my fellow college age friends by Sadie Robertson (I procrastinated watching this forever, but WOW it changed my life go watch it). U.S. Classic.

Writing: I OFFICIALLY BECAME AN AUTHOR THIS MONTH AT THE RIPE OLD AGE OF EIGHTEEN. WHAT EVEN IS LIFE. Go here to buy my debut children’s novel! Apart from applying for a lot of blogging jobs, I didn’t do much writing this month–just focused on the CrossFit company I work for (I have SO much fun writing those articles), and on Florida Market, my NaNo novel (I ended up with 16k, way short of my goal. Oops). I had a devotional published here, and I’m working on several interviews/collabs (some regarding my book) that I’ll post soon. I also just did a lot of thinking about how this is a season of dreams coming true. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a writer. Now–much sooner in life than I had expected–I’m a blogger, an AUTHOR, and a professional freelance writer. How cool is that?! I can’t believe it, honestly, but I’m so grateful.


Loving:Β WHY IN THE WORLD AREN’T BOOKS RATED LIKE MOVIES ARE?????!!! // encouragement + neat t-shirts [Day 6 of NaNo] by Julia (The Barefoot Gal). On Coming out of Depression & Experiencing the Faithfulness of God by Amanda (Scattered Journal Pages). Lost Girl by Sean (Sean of the South). Is It Possible For Introverts To Be Confident? by Abbie (Abbiee). {DREAMS AND CALLINGS} the best is yet to come by Audrey (Audrey Caylin). God Can Resurrect Dreams (When long-term illness makes them die) by Sara (R5:3-5). (Don’t) talk to strangers? by Sam (Sam’s Grand Adventure).

I blogged four times this month: Abbie’s Early Writings Tag!, I’M OFFICIALLY AN AUTHOR WHAT + buy my book and join my launch team!, Camp NaNo Survival Guide: July 2017, and July: Joy (Fruit of the Spirit Project, Month #2)

Grateful for: Someone in my town asked on Facebook for birthday cards to be sent to her autistic son, who was checking the mail and coming away disappointed every day; hundreds of people responded, even some of you lovely blog readers, and we ended up in my town’s paper! Redoing my bulletin board. Painting, hiding, and finding rocks (the new worldwide trend). Friends who go grocery shopping with you. All the laughter I got from convincing my dad I thought Josh Dobbs (a former UT football player) was a Russian hockey player. Planning Rooted (I am SO excited for this: if you live near me, check my social media for details about this Bible study/craft night, happening August 11!). Making carpool karaoke videos to old Disney songs. My sweet friend Kat and the Truth-filled letters she sent me this month. Planning the upcoming year.

What did you do this month?

10 thoughts on “July: Month in Review

  1. EEEEP SOUNDS LIKE YOU’VE HAD A CRAZY AWESOME MONTH! ❀ Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, though!! That stinks. 😦 *sends waffles and hugs* THANK YOU FOR THE SHOUTOUT OMG you're so kind!! :''') also can I please hang out at Panera with you and write books?? OK COOL BECAUSE THAT SOUNDS EPIC.

    CONGRATULATIONS ON BECOMING AN AUTHOR!! AAAH *confetti* So proud of you, girl!!

    rock on,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BrookeM

    Hi Hailey! I also commented on your post in the Daring to Hope launch page. I see that you like Louisa May Alcott! I adored her as a girl and read every word of hers I could find published (including her so-called “blood and thunder” tales). I love that you are reading 2 of her more obscure books. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey! Sorry to both you but I’ve noticed that you follow my old blog instead of my new one by accident. If you don’t mind following my current one, I’d really appreciate it. You can find me at infinitelyadaydreamer.com

    Sorry for the confusion, and thank you so much!


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