How I #liveBANGS!

#liveBANGS. It’s a phrase that might mean nothing to you right now. But to myself and to thousands of other Bangs ambassadors and customers, it’s not only a phrase that we’re well acquainted with–it’s a phrase that sums up our entire lifestyle. By the end of this post, my goal is for it to sum up yours, as well. Let’s dive in!

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My initial introduction to Bangs, a brand of cute and functional shoes, was through Instagram. There were a few trendy accounts I followed–girls who lived in my area and were friends of friends of friends. More to the point, these girls were ambassadors for Bangs shoes. Although I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, something about their posts made me realize that this was more than just a brand and that the Bangs ambassador program was more than just your typical brand ambassador program. This past spring when ambassador applications opened up, I made sure to get mine in fast. As I learned more about Bangs, I found out their slogan:

Your adventure helps others find theirs.

I realized that that motto, even though I didn’t know it at the time, was exactly what had drawn me to the Bangs brand. Those girls I followed on Instagram? All of them perfectly embodied this catchphrase, and soon it became my goal to embody it as well. To me, the phrase #liveBANGS can be summed up in three main categories. Here they are, and here’s how I attempt to display them.

1. Having cool adventures.

Bangs are the perfect adventuring shoe, and really, the perfect anything shoe. They’re sturdy, water-resistant, and have a flat sole–great for hiking, other outdoor activities, and even weightlifting. But they’re cute and trendy enough that you could transition to a night out on the town with no problem at all! I’ve been a lot of cool places in my Bangs; I love visiting Colombia, South America (photo below), and taking in all of the beauty there. Plus, it’s coffee central, so book those plane tickets! But I since I live in America, I’m extremely busy, and I’m also kind of broke (who am I kidding: I’m VERY broke), something I’ve started focusing on lately is finding amazing adventures in my own backyard. For instance, who would have guessed that this palace is just an hour or two away from me in Georgia?! I plan on visiting very soon–while, of course, wearing my Bangs!

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2. Meeting all kinds of fun people!

When you become a Bangs ambassador, or even a Bangs customer, you’re immediately drawn into a huge community. I have a Bangs pen pal, and we write multiple letters a week; I’ve also been able to connect with so many great people online. But making friends through Bangs isn’t limited to solely other Bangs customers–I love meeting new people no matter where I am or what I’m doing!

3. Helping others.

I love, love, love the fact that BANGS actually means “help” in Mandarin and that the brand is so focused on giving back to others–currently, Bangs has invested in 672 entrepreneurs in 63 different countries. Wow! As a young entrepreneur myself, I completely love this aspect of the brand. I’ve also realized that to help others, I don’t have to travel to South America. Just like I can have adventures in my own backyard, I can help others in my own backyard! For instance, a few months ago I was going to the store. On the way, I noticed that my friend’s car was in the parking lot at her work. I bought a $3 bouquet of flowers, stuck them in the handle of her door, and laughed secretly when she texted me later saying, “Someone left flowers on my car while I was at work. I have no idea who, but it made my day!” If you’re a broke college student like me, I definitely encourage you to look for simple but meaningful ways to encourage and help others. Pro tip: Walmart has beautiful $3 bouquets of flowers! 😉

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So at the end of the day, yes: Bangs are cute and functional shoes. But they’re so much more than that! To #liveBANGS means to live for something bigger than yourself. To #liveBANGS means to live wild and free, to live expansively, to embrace every new opportunity with open arms and to love and share with others along the way. To #liveBANGS truly does mean that your adventure helps others find theirs.

Comment or email me to find out how you can become a part of the Bangs family–I promise you won’t regret it!


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