Writing Plan/Schedule/Goals: Summer 2017!

I officially graduated high school this past weekend (more on that later, when I have some pictures back), and my five-day-a-week nanny job ends for good in a couple of days. This means that it’s summer, and THAT means that it’s time to get into gear with writing!

I categorize my writing into two sections: freelancing and fiction. In this post, I’m going to lay out my schedule in both of these categories for the next few months; I’m going to talk a little about my WIP’s and a little about my money-making goals (basically: to single-handedly reverse the starving-artist stereotype by this August). Then, at the end of the summer, we’ll take a look back at how things went… and you guys won’t have to yell at me at ALL, because I totally will have found a steady writing job for a popular fitness website and won a huge flash fiction contest and published a 60k-word novel that’s on the New York Times bestseller list. Did I hear someone say overachiever? No? Good. Let’s get into it.

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1. Upwork (one-time freelance jobs).

Upwork is a freelance writing website that a friend recommended to me. I’ve tried out several sites that are similar, but I like this one the best; the rates are pretty fair, there’s a nice variety of jobs, and the site itself is easy to navigate and doesn’t make you pay to use it. Every morning I apply for several jobs–last week I wrote a 7k-word ebook on yoga diets–and I’m hoping that between Upwork and pitching to various publications, I’ll soon have more jobs than I know what to do with. (Also hoping that that doesn’t come back to bite me.)

2. A steady writing job.

If you know of any websites, companies, or online magazines that are hiring copywriters/bloggers/aliens/ebook writers/starving eighteen-year-old writers who don’t have their college degree yet, LET ME KNOW. My goal by the end of August (actually, preferably by the end of July… or, like, by the end of May) is to have found an ongoing, part-time writing job that I can do from the comfort of my bedroom, because freelancing is fickle (let’s all appreciate that beautiful alliteration for a moment).

3. Short fiction.

This category divides into a few sub-categories. First is contests; I enter several writing contests every month, and I plan to continue doing that and hopefully make a little cash on the side. Second, I also submit to several magazines each month, and my goal by August is to be published in a print magazine. And finally, the time I feel the most creative is when I’m listening to music (something like this) and perusing cool photos and story prompts on Pinterest; it’s so much fun and it gives me ideas for flash fiction stories that I can submit to said contests and magazines, so I want to do this at least three or four days a week. HOWEVER, I have to be super-duper careful because this is where plot bunnies come from. Yup, it’s true. Maybe you’ve searched under your bed before, wondering where plot bunnies come from, thinking that they were like dust bunnies and liked to hide in the dark recesses of your room. But I’m here to tell you: plot bunnies actually come from Pinterest. Delete your account now. Except don’t, because then you’d also lose your novel aesthetic boards that are the only thing inspiring you to plough forward with what you’re actually supposed to be doing. Okay, moving on.

4. Angelica.

Have I talked about Angelica on here before? Because if not, I NEED TO. Angelica was my project from late January to early March of this year before I abandoned her in favor of getting high enough grades to graduate high school; she’s a dystopian story, currently 18k words and soon to be 30k words(-ish?? I’m going to call her a novella). My goal is to fill in the gaps and polish her up by early to mid June. I’m considering self-publishing her on Amazon as an ebook (as a general rule, I can’t stand ebooks and they are from the devil–but I’ve written two in the last month and they’ve put gas in my car. So. Whatever works).

5. Florida Market (that’s not the actual title lol).

Remember this story? The one I said I was going to write in thirty days last December? Yeah. That didn’t happen. I only got 7k into my goal of 30k. However, during the last couple of weeks of June, I’m going to revisit that story and outline the rest of it; then, during July, I’m going to do Camp NaNo again and finish this freaking book! I’m so excited, because I really do love it.

6. Warsaw Children.

About five years ago, I began writing a book titled Warsaw Children, a historical fiction story about the Warsaw ghetto uprising. I think it really has potential as a children’s novel, so that’s going to be my August project–to research, outline, and finish the first draft.

7. My new novel.

8. No. I’m NOT going to let myself write ANOTHER novel this summer.

9. Blogging.

You can expect three types of posts on my blog beginning in June: posts about my personal life (fun adventures with friends, like this one), devotional-type posts, and posts about writing (tips, etc). I also have a bunch of ARC’s waiting to be reviewed from books that probably came out six months ago. What can I say–I just like to do everything 100%, and that includes procrastination.

10. My Camp NaNo project.

Finally, I have a lot of work to do on the secret project I did for April’s NaNo (which I didn’t win… oops). By the end of June, I hope to have it completed to the point where all of y’all can buy/read it!

Gosh. That was a lot. To sum up, this summer I’ll be doing freelance writing every day; writing and submitting short fiction multiple times a week; blogging once a week; and completing first/second drafts of Angelica in May, Florida Market in July, and Warsaw Children in August. I realize I’m putting a lot on my own plate, but I like it that way, and I’m so ready to get started!



If you stuck with me through this whole post (which sounds a lot more organized than I actually am), you’re my hero and I would treat you to lunch at Panera if I could. Leave me some topic ideas for future writing-related blog posts in the comments, + let me know your summer writing plans!


15 thoughts on “Writing Plan/Schedule/Goals: Summer 2017!

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  4. “What can I say–I just like to do everything 100%, and that includes procrastination.” << *cracks up* GIRL SAME.

    Okay, anyway. Cool post! Wow, you seem very determined and willing to work hard — which is really great! (And I graduated that weekend, too! *high five*)

    I'm intrigued, actually. I haven't really done any writing for money ventures yet, but it'd be a great way to practice! So, you mentioned Upwork. Do you have any tips on how to "get oneself into the market," as it were? I'm not sure how much I'll actually get done –like you said, procrastination — but I'm interested in potentially checking it out/trying freelance!

    Hope you're having a great day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh, so I just now am seeing that you asked me a question and I never answered *facepalm* I don’t know if you’re still interested in freelancing, but in a nutshell, here’s my advice: try to guest post on a couple of blogs so you’ll have sample pieces to show potential employers. Then hit up ProBlogger.com and start applying to jobs! Google is your best friend for figuring out how to write an email to a company and what rates are fair. 😉


  5. Wow, that’s a lot of writing! Go you!

    LOL the overachiever summer lifestyle is totally me. I mean, it’s logical to prep for the SAT and ACT, apply for college, finish my social studies credit, get half my math done, and stock up on blogposts, while working ~50 hours a week, right? (Slightly exaggerated, but still XD)

    (Also I haven’t beta read Shatter Me yet…I’m hoping to get to it next week, sorry if it’s annoying! :P)


  6. I am literally graduating from high school next week, and I am so scared and excited!!!! Your summer plans pretty much put mine to shame. I’m so jealous of how much writing you’re doing!!!! I’m basically just going to work on revising the second draft of my current book, everlost, and hopefully be able to send it off to betas this July. (I’m doubtful of this, yet also confident) The entire book is around 120,000+ words, so it’s sort of a large project, right??? 😂😂

    I tried to enter a Wattpad competition once, but I didn’t get my short story (which turned into a novellette) done in time. OOPS!

    Also!! I just wanted to say thank you SO much for checking out Smudged Thoughts! I decided to pop on over and check out your blog, and I must say that by the middle-ish of this post, I punched the follow button. SO YAY! A NEW BLOG TO STALK!!!! XD


    1. I can’t even IMAGINE writing a book that’s that long; I could never keep track of everything, and I’m the worst at following plot bunnies! So I’m jealous of your writing plans too 😉 Thanks so much for the follow!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. My summer writing plans include posting consistently on my blog twice a week, and working on bettering my fiction writing through prompts and ideas. (I actually had no set plan for what my writing was going to look like this summer…and I just made one…lol).


  8. “starving eighteen-year-old writers who don’t have their college degree yet” MEEEEE HAHAHA!!! I graduate this coming weekend! Congrats!!! I love all of your ideas and projects! So exciting! Can’t wait to hear more!


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