I’m doing Camp NaNo?!

Y’all… I’m doing Camp NaNo!

Full disclosure: even though I have spent 90% of my free time writing for the last ten years, I’ve never done NaNo. Ever. I was always just too busy in November. I wanted to do Camp NaNo this year, but I was going to be out of town for half of it–until my plans changed, and now I’m not. Add that to the fact that I came up with a SUPER. EXCITING. IDEA. for a new project earlier this week (it’s all I can think about), and… I just spontaneously signed up for Camp NaNo!

Here’s the deal, though: this project that I’m so super excited about is kind of a, um, secret. *laughs nervously* But because I’m really bad at keeping secrets, I’ll give y’all a couple of hints: it’s nonfiction. It’s short (the final word count will probably be around 10k). It’s going to require a lot of formatting and editing and marketing, BUT, you’re going to be able to buy it and read it this summer! (If all goes as planned, that is. Which, when does it ever? But I’m going to do my darndest.)

So–just thought I’d pop in and share my exciting news with y’all since I haven’t blogged in a week or two. Things have been kind of rough lately, but I’ll have a Month in Review coming up in a couple of days. Now excuse me while I go try to plot something or figure out, like, what I’m going to write because it hasn’t fully sunk in that I’M DOING CAMP NANO. Oh also, I cut seven inches off of my hair last week. It was a traumatic experience, but I think I’ve recovered, so here’s a pic.

I want to hear from you! Have you done Camp NaNo in the past? Are you doing it this year? If so, what’s your project? (Unless it’s a secret too–in which case, no hard feelings!)


5 thoughts on “I’m doing Camp NaNo?!

  1. EEEEKK YAY GO FOR IT! (also go you for trying to write nonfic for Camp: I’ve done it a couple of times, but nonfic is so much harder than fiction to write when you’re doing a wordcount)

    Your hair looks awesome, btw 😀


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