Looking for Beta Readers! (Shatter Me)

I’m looking for beta readers for my current WIP aka my baby: a 7,500-word (10 pages in Word) realistic fiction story titled Shatter Me. If you’re unfamiliar with the process of beta reading, here’s how it works: I email you my story + a few questions about it, you read the story, and then you email me back and answer my questions + tell me what you liked and disliked about the story. In return, you get my everlasting gratefulness and adoration–sounds great, right? Plus if you ever need a beta reader, I’ll be the first to sign up! Here’s the synopsis of Shatter Me:

Ara and Rhett share two things: a love for astronomy and the night sky, and the fact that they’re both shattered and think they can never be put back together. When their paths cross during one sunny California summer, their perceptions of their worlds drastically change. Can they heal each other? Is it possible for them to be put back together, or are they shattered for good?

It’s a story about the night sky and falling in love and being shattered and then put back together more beautifully by the greatest Potter; it has an observatory overlooking a craggy beach, to-die-for Nietzsche quotes about the stars, and a little blue-and-white kitchen where Ara’s older sister cooks amazing food. Cue my happy sigh (mostly about the food tbh). My only two rules are as follows: be honest, and be specific. I’m totally fine with you disliking something, but tell me why you didn’t like it so that I can tweak things. It’s called a work in progress for a reason! I want to complete this round of beta reading by the end of March. If you want to jump on board, comment below or email me at hhudson412@yahoo.com, and we’ll get things rolling!

If this mini-Pinterest mood board doesn’t get you excited to read this story, I don’t know what will. None of these pictures are mine, but aren’t they beautiful!!


12 thoughts on “Looking for Beta Readers! (Shatter Me)

  1. Hey Hailey!!
    Just found your blog and it is super cool!!
    I love the colors and clear open feeling of your blog!
    Also, the just saying, you have quite a way with words! I don’t think I could ever be bored on even the most BORING subject if you were talking about it!
    Keep up the good work!

    I know it’s already April 2nd, but if you still need beta readers I would be more than happy to accommodate!!


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