Why you Won’t See Me on Instagram Anytime Soon

Several months ago, I made the decision that when Lent came around in 2017, I would give up social media. Then I promptly forgot about it. This past weekend, I suddenly realized that Lent started this week and, uncomfortably, thought of my resolve of last summer. I wouldn’t have called myself addicted to social media–I simply spent lots of time writing Instagram captions in my head and sending my friends sarcastic Snapchats and stalking people on Phhhoto. Okay, maybe I should have called myself addicted to social media. I told myself last weekend that yes, I was still going to give up social media for Lent, but I wasn’t going to be happy about it. Ha. We’ll get back to that later.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Lent, it basically works as a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter. It’s a forty-six-day period to remember the sacrifice of Jesus; it’s a time of reflection, and a chance to focus on furthering one’s relationship with Him. I told myself that I was going to follow through and give up social media, but it was honestly much harder than it should have been. I did away with Instagram, Snapchat, and Phhhoto (I’ve kept Facebook because I’ll have to use the Messenger app during my early-April mission trip, and I’m also keeping YouTube and Pinterest because I use them for school, devotionals, and writing–but I am dramatically limiting my use of all three of them). Prior to deleting the apps, though, I ran through all sorts of justifications in my head–I use Instagram to stay in touch with so many people! I can’t delete it! Eventually, on Monday, I made myself just go ahead and delete the three apps from my phone–why wait? I plan to spend less time on my phone and to simply enjoy making memories instead of always worrying about taking an artsy picture for my Instagram aesthetic. If anyone needs me, they can get in touch with me another way.

On Monday I also began my new devotional plan, which has me spending at least forty-five minutes (preferably longer) with God every morning. Currently I’m reading 1 Corinthians, Psalms, Wild and Free, The School of Biblical Evangelism, and Evidence for Christianity, along with taking notes on the last two and praying a lot! When I came up with this idea, I was hesitant. Between four classes, three jobs, and church and softball, my to-do list is very very long every day–how am I supposed to get everything done if my quiet time takes forty-five minutes out of the time of day when I’m most awake and alert? But so far this week I’ve had that long quiet time and then proceeded to complete everything on my to-do list with plenty of time left over to read at the end of the day. Huh, imagine that.

Last month–during that blissful period when I had forgotten about Lent–I wrote my monthly devotional for The Life on the topic “The Beauty of Sacrifice.” The angle I went for was basically, here I am complaining that the WiFi is out while Christians in other countries are dying for their faith. What’s wrong with this picture? Guess I should go read my own article again. I also saw an article earlier today (on Facebook. Ha. Ha.) that suggested giving up a bad attitude for Lent, so I’m going to add that to my queue as well. No Instagram, no Snapchat, and no Phhhoto–just lots of time praying, arming myself with witnessing strategies, and making a point to be grateful and cheerful. Will you join me?

Do these pictures have anything to do with this blog post or anything to do with each other? No, not at all. But they’re #aesthetic and since I don’t have Instagram right now, you know, I gotta let it out somewhere. Also, please go listen to Battle at Aslan’s How from the Prince Caspian soundtrack because it’s been on repeat 24/7 this week. ALSO also, can our weather stop being so bipolar? Tornado warnings go away. K thanks. Anywho, are you giving up anything for Lent? How do you plan to further your relationship with God in the month of March?


9 thoughts on “Why you Won’t See Me on Instagram Anytime Soon

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  2. That’s awesome! I gave up social media for lent last year. It was really nice and it helped me to realize how much of my time it was taking up. This year I’m giving up Netflix because I’ve realized that I spend way to much time watching random shows and stuff, that I could be using for spending time with God and furthering my relationship with him. 🙂 Well, good luck!

    ~Red ⭐️


  3. Good for you! I couldn’t bring myself to completely give up on all social media, but I’m unfollowing a whole bunch of people, and unsubscribing from basically everybody on YouTube. I’m also giving up on refined sugar as well, and that may well be the greatest struggle…idk XD

    (Also I haven’t heard of Phhhoto before, so I guess it’s something I’ll have to check out after Lent? LOL)

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